Mar 16, 2017

Pursue Public Transportation Claims with a Car Accident Lawyer in Miami

Public transportation agencies are expected to take reasonable steps to protect their riders. This is equally true whether it’s privately or government-owned. If you’re using public transportation, this could mean changing the brake pads or other steps that might prevent accidents.
Things can unexpectedly break down in the middle of a routine despite regular maintenance. Public transportation services have to meet the same standards of negligence. If you believe you were injured due to their negligence, always call a car accident lawyer in Miami early.
What Is Negligence for a Car Accident Lawyer Handling Public Transportation Accidents?
A transportation service usually carries with it a higher duty of care, but that does not mean that they are automatically considered negligent in accidents. If something malfunctions that leads to injuries, a court might ask what steps were taken to prevent this.  Was the malfunctioning equipment regularly tested and maintained?  How long had it been since certain parts were replaced?  Was the driver properly trained in operating the lift?
An accident could be caused by a child running out in the road or a drunk driver.  A car accident lawyer in Miami would look at what the driver was doing at the time.  Were they impaired in some way, or was their reaction time slowed talking to a passenger?  A bus driver should always be fully aware of their surroundings to prevent accidents whenever possible.  If the driver is not paying enough attention, it could be considered negligence.  Many drivers complete advanced training to operate larger vehicles and buses, especially when there are going to be passengers aboard.
When to File a Claim through a Car Accident Lawyer in Miami
Any time you have a case, you’ll need to file your claim at the proper time to meet the statute of limitations, and also to abide by certain claims filing statutes if it is a governmental entity that is being accused of being at-fault.  It might seem like you have plenty of time.  It’s harder to gather witness statements and evidence if you wait too long.  Even if you can later on, the statute of limitations can run out faster than you expect.
With a public transportation claim, you’ll have to meet different requirements.  If you’re filing against a government agency, you might even have to send the proper notifications to different departments.  Some require you to wait months after filing a claim before you can sue the city or county.  Once you get over these types of barriers, you need a car accident lawyer who can put the facts together.  You need to prove negligence.  Then lawyers can get the numbers on how much your injuries may be worth for medical expenses reasonably likely to be incurred.
If you need a car accident lawyer to help with your case, click here.  We may be able to help you sort out the facts and present your case.