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Have you been seriously injured in a boating accident in Miami? It can be very frustrating to get hurt due to someone else’s carelessness on the water and then have to deal with a long recovery. We understand what you are going through. Many people get hurt every year due to negligence; when you are one of them, you are owed compensation for your damages and injuries. Our Miami boat accident lawyer is here to help you get that compensation.

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These accidents are totally avoidable. When you are hurt, it is important that you understand how these cases work and what you need to do to get the compensation that you deserve. We strongly encourage you to give us a call and set up a free consultation as soon as you can.

Most Common Miami Boating Accident Injuries

As you likely know, some watercraft are very fast-moving. It is one of the reasons people enjoy being out on the water. It is also the reason, however, that when people are likely sitting on the boat with no kind of protection from the impact, their injuries can be substantial. When people get thrown from a boat, injuries can include broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord injuries, fractures, and more. People can experience paralysis or lifelong pain from these types of injuries.

If you get hurt in an accident, you should be informed about several things. Something that is significant in your injury case is the medical treatment you get and how soon you get it. We encourage you to get immediate medical treatment.

If you do not get emergency medical care, there will be two likely consequences:

  1. Your condition could worsen.
  2. The insurance company will use it to compensate you less or not at all.

With most injuries, especially ones as severe as the ones that happen in a boating accident, people do not get better without treatment. Even minor injuries need to be looked at to rule out anything serious and to get you on the road to healing. Delaying your treatment should not be an option, as it is very risky for your health.

If you have not gotten medical treatment in a timely manner, then the insurance company that represents the liable party will be suspicious of you. They will try to say that you lied about how you got the injury, which would mean they are not responsible for your injuries. They might also say your injuries aren’t bad enough to need compensation since they were not bad enough to seek immediate medical care.

How Compensation Laws Work in Florida

Our job is to determine who the liable party in your accident is. Once we find out who the liable party is, then we will bring a case against them. In Florida, there is a fair amount of leeway in compensation if you played a role in causing the accident. For example, if you were operating a boat, and made a mistake, but someone else on the water hit you and you couldn’t fix your mistake in time, you may be held partially liable for your accident.

Florida state compensation law works as follows:

  • If you are not determined at fault, you get full compensation
  • If you are determined at fault 1% – 99%, you get reduced compensation
  • If you are determined 100% at fault, you do not get compensation

We will protect you from the insurance company when they attempt to put the blame on you. We want to see you get full compensation.

When they attempt to reduce your compensation, they will make a phone call and try to get you to give them a recorded statement. You should not give them this recorded statement. They will try to get you on the record saying things that make you seem at fault for the accident.

Florida Boating Accident Statute of Limitations

When you bring a case, you are mandated by law to bring it officially within a certain timeframe. In Florida, you have two (2) years beginning from the date of your injury. If you attempt to bring your case after these two years have come and gone, you will no longer be eligible for compensation. The best move you can make to ensure the success of your case is to hire a lawyer as soon as you are able to. Your compensation is important, and giving an attorney enough time to bring your case is vital to the success of your case.

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If you have been seriously injured in a boat accident, please call our office today to set up a free initial consultation. Our Miami boat accident lawyer is here to help you get through your case. We want you to get the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.