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Find the Attorneys You Need Who Specialize in Falling Objects
When you think about a falling object, you might think of a cartoon with falling pianos from New York City high rises. This can certainly happen, but many accidents aren’t so ridiculous. In fact, it’s not uncommon for victims to say they didn’t see it coming. There was no piano hanging overhead or large boxes to the side of them. Store employees were working in the background as they often do, and something came loose or slipped.

The problem arises when nobody wants to take responsibility, or when one side feels taken advantage of. You could be on either side, or maybe you just want to be cautious to ensure everyone is being treated fairly. Lawyers can pull all the numbers together to find a fair settlement. If one side is demanding too much, this could put a cap on things and make it easier to meet in the middle.

You could also be the victim trying to negotiate with retailers who don’t want to cover your injuries. If this sounds like you, attorneys who specialize in falling objects can negotiate your side or take your case to court if necessary. In most cases, victims negotiate with a business’ insurance company. The Florida Personal Injury Lawyers understand how stressful these types of cases can be. We’re on your side.
Falling Object Cases Can Occur in Many Settings
You might imagine falling objects at a warehouse store. Any one of the shelves could break letting many items fall onto people below. These shelves are built to be sturdy and reliable. Any employees operating forklifts to lift heavy objects down should also be well-trained in how to drive and operate safely. They should always be aware of their environment

This doesn’t just happen in warehouse stores. It can happen in a grocery store, a Walmart, or any other store. Some try to keep higher objects in the back, but they have to use heavy equipment and high shelves to store items somewhere in the store. If equipment malfunctions, shelves break, or operators are careless, it can happen anywhere.

Falling Objects Can Hurt Victims of Any Age

Some stores prefer to keep high shelves and heavy items in the back. This way, they can minimize the number of clients who stand in high-risk areas. At any store, though, anybody can wander into the wrong area. Something can go wrong in a warehouse store with high shelves at any time. People of any age could also be standing below when something falls. Unfortunately, the very young and very old are most likely to sustain serious injuries.

No matter your age or current health, stores have a responsibility based on the same requirements many other property owners face. Invited guests are treated differently than intruders like those who might break in after hours. If it’s a warehouse store, they could draw a line between those with a paid membership and those without. While you’re in a store, though, the best thing you can do is be aware of your surroundings.

How Do Stores Avoid Accidents with Falling Objects?

Not all accidents can be avoided. For example, a child might climb on shelves if they’re not properly supervised causing an accident. Stores can do many things to prevent mishaps for employees and customers, though.

When you call lawyers who specialize in accidents with falling objects, we assess all the contributing factors. Liability isn’t automatic, and one of the best things a victim can do is be honest from the start. Stores are responsible for basic upkeep and training. So they would need to replace or fix any shelves as soon as they notice a problem and train any forklift drivers. If they were in a specific aisle, they’d also need to block off the aisle for customer and employee safety.

Even small objects falling from a high enough place can cause traumatic brain injuries, broken limbs, and more. They can be physically and emotionally stressful causing stress for both the victims and their families. With lawyers in Miami who specialize in falling object injuries, you’ll be taken care of. Just schedule your appointment with us today.