Nov 28, 2016

When Do Passengers Need Auto Injury Lawyers Miami?

Many times, people in Miami who seek out auto personal injury lawyers are drivers.  They were in an auto accident, and their insurance company didn’t come through as expected – after all, we see commercial on a regular basis talking about how good insurance companies are when you make a claim – in a time of need.  Sometimes, the accident was caused by another driver that was texting, drinking, distracted, etc.  The drivers aren’t the only parties who can get hurt, though.  Passengers often get hurt and even killed in car crashes.  Passengers could be in a no-fault accident or one with a clear cause.  Even when they were passengers of the negligent driver, it could be time to talk to a lawyer in Miami about your case.
What about other types of accidents?  You could be riding on the back of a motorcycle or injured in a train accident.  The rules change based on what kind of accident you’re in, but your status as a victim does not.  If you were injured due to another party’s negligence, the law says you deserve compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other losses.
Adult Passengers in Miami Can Work with Personal Injury Lawyers
For adult passengers, injuries can be severe even when you’re just a passenger.  Maybe you were wearing your seat belt, paying attention, and the driver just fell asleep or got hit while crossing an intersection or at a stoplight.  If you are on a motorcycle or scooter, you are (unfortunately) just as susceptible to injury sitting on the back of a motorcycle or scooter as you would be driving it.  The only difference is you cannot dodge cars suddenly moving into your lane.
Adults sometimes need auto personal injury lawyers in Miami to pursue medical costs from the car crash.  You may also lose time at work, and not everybody has enough paid vacation to cover it.  Even if you are using paid vacation time, you still deserve compensation for the time you lose.
What about long-term costs?  Sometimes, patients need long-term medical treatment.  Depending on what you do and the injuries, it could even reduce your income potential in the coming years – known as loss of future earning capacity.  If this is the something that  you may be facing, always let personal injury lawyers calculate the costs and work within the law to obtain what you deserve.
Let the Personal Injury Attorney in Miami Protect Kids
Accidents in Miami often involve adult victims, but it can also affect children.  Many times, parents take extra precautions to protect kids, especially when they are young enough for a car seat.  At a younger age, though, children can suffer more severe injuries, and you still need personal injury lawyers in Miami.
The damages may not all be quite as concrete for kids.  They don’t have jobs or wages to lose.  Depending on their age, it is hard to know or determine what kind of loss of capacity to earn a living in the future they could face due to any long-term injuries.  Auto personal injury lawyers work with professionals to estimate the cost of current and future medical bills.
Talk to Personal Injury Lawyers in Miami about Wrongful Death Suits
When the worst happens, you need personal injury attorney in Miami to handle your case. No matter how old or young the passenger was, death can incur costs and losses for years to come.  The victim could be a primary breadwinner for their family or they could be the stay-at-home parent that takes care of the house, kids, and more.  Each of the services they provide at home can be measured under the law.
Regardless of other circumstances, funeral expenses and other costs come up.  If the family suffers permanent income loss, that can be calculated using the U.S. mortality tables.  We can also estimate what they might’ve made depending on the information we have.
If you or a loved one was a passenger in an car crash or motorcycle accident, the first thing to do is get medical attention, and the second thing to do is contact a personal injury lawyer in Miami.  We can help with your legal concerns and how to address liability no matter how you were involved.  We also can negotiate with insurance companies and individual parties for the compensation you deserve.  Just click here and talk to the personal injury attorney at Nunez Law.