America’s Safest Cities For Drivers

When it comes to safety while operating a car or motorcycle, there is only so much one can control.  For example, you can make sure that your vehicle is well maintained and that you are paying attention to the road – not being distracted by your phone, radio, passengers, or anything else that may be going on inside your vehicle is a major way of lessening the risks of crashing.

This is especially important when considering that drivers are likely to experience a collision as often as every ten years and most collisions occur at speeds under 35 mph, according to reports, which is surprising as most people assume that high speed crashes are the norm.  However, one factor you can control is the city in which you drive!

By basing your choice on how prone your city is to have automobile collisions, you can minimize your chances.  The article below ranks the 20 cities in America with the best drivers based on statistics regarding the likelihood you are to be involved in a collision and the average length of time between accidents.  It is interesting to note that the list includes smaller towns like Port St. Lucie, Florida, and larger cities like Kansas City, Kansas, who ranked at the top of the list.

Remember, statistics do not take every factor into account, so your best methodology is to stay aware of your surroundings.  Drive safe and arrive alive.

For more details click here:  20 Cities With Americas Best Drivers

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