Recover Theft & Vandalism Damages with Lawyers in Miami

Regardless of how much you lost or where you live, the effects of theft & vandalism can be devastating. You may lose things that can easily be replaced. Thieves often take expensive items, though. Sometimes, they even take family heirlooms or other items with significant sentimental value. They may also spray paint walls or break things.

Whether you have minimal property damage or complete loss, it can be equally as stressful. At Nunez Law, you get attorneys in Miami who specialize in theft & vandalism. We’re ready to manage your case from start to finish. We don’t just jump in when it’s already obvious your insurance isn’t cooperating. Many of our clients trust us to dot the i’s and cross all the t’s right from the start.
Lawyers Who Specialize in Theft& Vandalism Make Your Claim Easier

Immediately following the incident, you’re still reeling. Your home or business has been violated, and you may not even know what you’re missing. Even small crimes can leave you feeling unsafe or insecure in your home or business. Your priority early is often to help in police investigations, but insurance claims are time sensitive. The older they get, the harder it is to submit all the paperwork insurance companies ask for.

If there’s damage to your windows or doors, not fixing them immediately could contribute to more break-ins. Unfortunately, insurance companies might deny further claims. You can call lawyers who specialize in theft and vandalism at any time during the process. You can focus on the investigation and your family. We can take care of the details with your insurance company to maximize your settlement.

Attorneys Who Specialize in Theft & Vandalism Protect Your Interests

Some property owners know they’re working with insurance adjusters they can trust. Maybe their neighbor or friend owns the company. So they handle the case personally. Most of us don’t get that advantage, though. Lawyers from Nunez Law who specialize in theft and vandalism are on your side. We see insurance companies that try to get plaintiffs to settle for less all the time. It’s our job to protect you from this type of mistake.

It’s not just about the items stolen. There are hidden effects of theft and vandalism. They may offer estimates on the value of the items stolen well below what they’re worth. This is why we run our own numbers to compare side by side. When lawyers from Nunez Law in Miami are fighting for you, you don’t have to worry.

What Happens If Insurance Companies Deny Your Claim?

Occasionally, insurance companies will deny theft or vandalism claims outright. They have to provide a written justification, but it doesn’t have to end there. If you’ve already called lawyers in who specialize in insurance disputes, we can take that next natural step in the process. Insurance companies are less likely to deny your claim if they know you have experienced attorneys on your side, though.

If you haven’t called us yet, bring in attorneys who specialize in theft and vandalism. We can investigate your case immediately. Then we’ll work with a team of experts to determine the full amount you’re owed for your claim. Finally, we can negotiate with your insurance company to get the right settlement. If they decide not to settle, we fight your case in court. You paid your insurance premiums on your property. Now you deserve to get the benefits of what you paid for.

Why Choose Nunez Law?

When you look for lawyers in Miami who specialize in theft and vandalism, you can find a long list online. What’s so special about Nunez Law? We specialize in taking care of property owners who want experts who care. We have years of training and experience. So we recognize the value of your claim when we see it.

No matter what happens, we’re on your side. This means we’ll be honest with you about your case and fight vigorously for you. If you hire lawyers in Miami, you pay when your case is settled. We help you take the first steps forward and decide if you need legal aid with a free consultation today.