Jun 12, 2023

Miami Personal Injury Lawyers for Personal Injury Protection

Miami Personal Injury Lawyers for Personal Injury Protection

Are You Getting the Full Benefits of PIP?

You could be a driver, passenger, or anybody else injured in an auto accident. If you’re in Miami, Nunez Law can help you take advantage of the personal injury protection benefits you’re entitled to. You can find lawyers who specialize in PIP benefits nearby. We take care of every detail from start to finish. So you don’t have to worry about anything but healing from your injuries. We have years of experience in helping clients to get the maximum payout on their benefits.

As a no-fault state, Florida ensures your protection regardless of who’s at fault. You choose your insurance benefits when you choose your policy. This determines the maximum amount they’re responsible for and if you get medical and auto coverage. Regardless of who was actually at fault, though, your insurance company should immediately step in. They are obligated to fulfill the agreements you made with them.

Get the Full Compensation with Experts in PIP Benefits

The first step to receiving PIP benefits is to complete the application. Then you can submit it to your insurance company. Until your PIP has been submitted, no PIP benefits can be paid. Once it is filed, what kind of coverage can you expect?

  • Medical Benefits: The minimum amount you qualify for in medical benefits is around $3000 in most states. You can choose higher amounts depending on the policy, though. Whatever amount you pick can be applied to your expenses. You can get a primary coverage system, which would act like health insurance. You can also choose a secondary policy that costs less and acts as a backup to your health insurance. It pays for things like your copays, deductibles, and anything your health insurance doesn’t cover. You’ll need to submit bills and other documentation from your doctor.
  • Lost Wages: This isn’t always applicable, but you may miss days or even weeks of work. You lose any saved vacation time along with your wages in unpaid time. You need a physician to declare you unable to work. Once they do, though, you’re entitled to be paid for lost wages. Attorneys who specialize in PIP benefits can calculate your lost wages and prepare the paperwork.
  • Household Services: This is true whether you work in an office or stay at home. Any household duties you can’t perform during this time can also be factored into what you’re owed. You have to get a note from your doctor confirming your disability. Your disability has to continue for more than just a couple of days. If you qualify, attorneys who specialize in insurance disputes can help you no matter what comes up.

Do Lawyers in Miami Expect Insurance Disputes with PIP Benefits?

For most people, things go smoothly as long as you submit the right paperwork. Every once in a while, though, people need lawyers who specialize in insurance disputes to take care of their claims. Nunez Law knows how to handle PIP claims. We streamline the process to make it faster and easier to get the money you need.

We don’t want you to have to worry about how you’re going to pay your bills or take care or your family. We can help you maximize your benefits now. Instead, you can put your focus where it belongs, in your recovery.

What kind of difference can you expect when working with lawyers who specialize in PIP benefits like Nunez Law? We recognize insurance companies that might unjustly reduce your PIP benefits early. Then we take steps to correct this before there’s ever a dispute. We get all the documentation insurance companies need right from the start. This way, there’s no confusion about what you’re owed.

We see it through to the end. So even if unexpected complications come up at the last minute, we take care of them. Our job isn’t done until you’ve been paid and your claim has been fully processed. If you feel you may need help with your PIP claim, just call us today to schedule a consultation. We can give you a better idea of how PIP benefits work. Then you can make an informed decision about how you’d like to move forward with your claim.