May 17, 2023

Four-Way Stop Accidents with a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Miami

Four-way stops can be found across the country, and they’re often a source of serious injuries. People get mixed up with who has the right of way. Sometimes, people don’t see stop lights. Even when you do have the right of way, you’re responsible for stopping and checking. If you see a car that doesn’t seem to be ready to stop, you should still wait. It’s not just teens that have trouble with four-way stops. People of all ages are involved in these accidents. If you’re on a motorcycle, even a slow moving car could do a lot of damage. It’s essential to know Florida laws and act with caution. If you’ve been involved in an accident, a motorcycle accident attorney in Miami can evaluate your case. Motorcycle drivers often face an implicit bias that can make it harder to get the judgment you want. No matter who’s at fault, many people see motorcyclists as being naturally more reckless. Unfortunately, motorcycles also have the disadvantage of being smaller and somewhat unseen. You might believe another party was negligent or your insurance company isn’t keeping up their end of the bargain. No matter what your concerns are, lawyers are available to help. Experts can look at your case and see if you’re being treated fairly. Then we use our knowledge and experience to help determine if it’s worth moving forward. This could include information such as if you’ve received a settlement offer and legal costs. Accident reconstruction can also determine the strength of your case. In other situations, accident victims might not have any offers on the table. Or, maybe the other party is accusing you of negligence, or the insurance companies are denying the claim.

Maximize Your Claim in Miami with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Any time you feel you run into issues after a motorcycle accident, you might want to talk to a lawyer in Miami that handles personal injury cases. Some cases involve insurance companies who low-ball clients and try to take advantage of not being aware of the value of the claim. Then lawyers get involved and fight to get a higher claim offer. This involves things like pain and suffering, lost income capacity, and any prior injuries. How can a motorcycle accident lawyer increase the amount you take home?

  • Investigate Thoroughly: One of the most important things lawyers do is investigate. They take an objective look at your claim to see what’s going on. Have insurance companies offered a settlement? Who is responsible for paying your claim? Is there a viable claim on the surface? Many clients want answers during an initial consultation. Many times, other facts will come to light later on. Lawyers have the expertise to know what’s worth investigating further with limited information. Clients should always be as prepared as possible coming in.
  • Gather Evidence: Neither side knows all the facts up front. Medical outcomes could change depending on the care you receive, medical history, and other factors. Lawyers might be able to find videos, pictures, and other evidence. Accident reconstruction and other experts can also help you build your case. Then you can determine the strength of your case.
  • Calculate All Losses: Many people think of medical bills, vehicle repair, and other traditional costs after an accident. A motorcycle accident can cause more long-term problems that require on-going care. Depending on the accident, this could also include things like future pain and suffering.
  • Prove Negligence and All Contributing Factors: Negligence isn’t always as easy to prove as you might think. Lawyers have to determine how the other side might argue that your actions have contributed to causing the crash. If you did contribute in some way, lawyers should always assess that to build the strongest case based on the facts available.
  • Negotiate: Once you have everything else in front of you, it’s time to negotiate. Use the facts you have to present a strong case. Lawyers will calculate the amount you likely deserve. Then the negotiation starts. Some cases go to court. Most can be settled before you get to that point.

We go through many of the same processes. We prove negligence, costs, and the duty of the other party to pay you a certain amount. For more information about how Nunez Law can help you, click here.