Jul 6, 2017

How a Truck Accident Lawyer in Miami Can Address Impaired Driving

After an auto accident of any kind, impairment can mean a lot of things – usually people think of it as drunk driving or driving under the influence.  Sometimes, it means one or both drivers were drunk or under the influence of drugs (narcotics).  Other times, it could be fatigued driving, which results in many deaths.  Especially for those with chronic fatigue, it may not be completely noticeable to them.  With a higher rate of sleep apnea among truck drivers, this can quickly become a deadly problem.  Impairments aren’t always intentional before an auto accident.  When a large truck, commercial van or bus is involved, it can be even more deadly or damaging causing permanent disabilities even with a small wreck.
If you aren’t able to fully respond to your environment while driving, you could be impaired.  Even if you only count drowsy driving, it causes thousands of accidents and many deaths every year.  Companies and individual truck drivers can take measures to prevent these types of crashes.  Of course, any driver should avoid drug and alcohol use when or before driving.  Many times, taking the proper precautions before they’re in court can prevent most wrecks.  What can drivers do before a truck accident lawyer in Miami is involved?
Truck Drivers Can Be Safer before an Accident Lawyer in Miami Gets Involved

Get Tested for Sleep Conditions: Many truck drivers have undiagnosed sleep disorders like sleep apnea. These can cause fatigue and drowsy driving.  Sometimes, they can even cause drivers to fall asleep at the wheel.  Things like sleep apnea can also have serious health effects.
Eat Healthy and Exercise When Possible:  It’s not always easy or possible for truckers to stay on a regular schedule on the road.  Whenever possible, drivers should try to eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise when they can. This will help you keep your weight down which can help control sleep conditions and other health problems.
Keep a Regular Sleep Schedule:  Sometimes, truck drivers get into the mode of trying to get as many driving hours in as possible.  This can be okay at first, but it can also wear on the driver.  You can’t always control your schedule when you drive an 18-wheeler.  Truck drivers should keep a regular schedule whenever possible.
Be Careful of Any New Prescriptions:  Many prescription drugs can impair patients.  A truck driver should always take extra precautions when taking any new medication. If it can cause drowsiness or impair driving, it could have deadly consequences.
Get Treatment for Sleep Problems:  If you’re diagnosed with sleep problems, always seek treatment.  Once you’re fit with a sleep apnea mask or other treatment, always maintain your routine to stay healthier and prevent problems.
Participate in Regular Training:  Whenever you have a chance, always participate in training and use your resources.  Sometimes, resources can help you find treatments for sleep problems or guides for healthier living on the road. The same can be true for bus drivers and others.
Pull Over When Drowsy:  One of the most important things you can do is pull over when drowsy.  Safety comes first in truck driving.  If you feel drowsy, it’s better to pull over and take a nap – even when truck drivers are incentivized to keep driving, it is not worth the risk.  You can get back on the road again when you’re more alert and ready.

Keep Roads Safer before a Truck Accident Lawyer Is Needed in Miami
Whenever you’re around an 18-wheeler, you should always practice caution to prevent accidents.  Many accidents are caused not by truck driver negligence, but by other drivers.  Cars may pass when it’s not safe or try to follow too closely.  It is also important to remember that large trucks may have debris flying out from under, or even tire treads that are separating and causing you to crash.  Truck drivers have just as much responsibility to drive safely.  They have to learn more about driving to make turns and routine lane changes safely.
While all drivers should be careful, it’s especially important for larger trucks.  With larger loads, it can take longer to stop.  Even if you drift a little in a large truck, it can do a lot more damage.  So it’s critical for truck drivers to be vigilant.
If you’ve been injured in an accident with an 18-wheeler or a bus, let a truck accident lawyer in Miami help.  We can investigate your case and sort out all the facts.  Then we can help you pursue your case if necessary.  For more information or to schedule a consultation with Nunez Law, click here.