Partial Fault Pedestrian Accident


Can I recover pedestrian accident damages if I was partially at fault?


Many times, people call me and explain to me how they got injured as a pedestrian. Sometimes they feel a little guilty about the incident and start questioning whether or not they were at fault. Assuming you were at fault, Florida law says you can still make a claim. It?s all based on the extent of your fault, assuming you were partially at fault. If you feel a little guilty about being injured as a pedestrian, don?t. Contact a lawyer and make sure that you explain the circumstances. They should be able to go ahead and explain to you whether or not you could be partially at fault or not. Make sure you get somebody with experience, who has the know-how to explain these matters, and who?s been to court before. A lawyer like this will better understand the tactics that the insurance company will use to try to shift blame to you, even if you had no blame at all.