Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Slip and Fall Claim


What mistakes should I avoid after a slip and fall injury?


Many times, I get clients that call in and need help with a slip and fall accident, but are not aware that they?ve made mistakes by the time they have called. Many people forget that they need to notify somebody at the store. Aside from taking photos and seeking medical help, you need to make sure that you notify somebody at that store. You?re going to want some type of report because you want to make sure that they try to save that video. That video, many times, has the best information available as to what happened and what caused you to fall.

If you are unable to do any of this because you got taken away in an ambulance, try to call the store as soon as possible. Have a loved one go over there and try to make the report for you, and give them your contact information. Remember, don?t give a recorded statement until you speak to a lawyer. We?re more than glad to help you with these types of cases.