Aug 7, 2014

Insurance – A Necessary Evil?

No one wakes up in the morning thinking “today is the day I am going to be injured”, yet it happens every… single… day. Worse, people often think the insurance they’ve had for years is going to take care of it for them. After all, those commercials we’ve seen for years should make us – even the pessimist – feel confident that the problems resulting from an unfortunate event will be lessened and/or resolved by the insurance adjuster.
If only that were true; otherwise, lawyers (like me) would not have much, if any, clients. Then again, if insurance companies did not exist, many of us would not be able to make claims for our damages. So it begs the questions: are insurance companies a necessary evil?
I believe insurance carriers are necessary, and mainly because we all know that society is better off with them being around. But I also believe that they can be (and are often) evil because of all the delay tactics that they commonly employ as part of their usual and customary business practices.
If do not believe me, feel free to visit the Florida Notice of Insurance Violation webportal so that you can search and see for yourself all of the complaints that are submitted to Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation. In summary, we need insurance companies, but they need us (policyholders) even more. Be sure you know your rights. If you do not, that is where we (lawyers) come in to play. You are welcome to contact me today for a free consultation at 305-444-4407 or 954-488-3000 or via e-mail at