How Medical Bills Are Paid After a Car Accident


Who will pay for my medical bills after a car crash?


There isn?t a client I have come into my office that doesn?t ask me about paying the medical bills from their car accident. First of all, it?s not an accident? it?s a car crash, and it most likely could?ve been avoided had the at-fault driver been paying attention or not been on their phone or had been acting in a reasonable fashion. If you are concerned about your medical bills, these are very legitimate concerns. Florida has special laws covering these matters. You have something called PIP, which is supposed to cover up to $10,000 of your medical expenses in a car crash. If you have questions about medical bills incurred by a car crash, contact us today.

After this accident happens, your medical bills should be covered by your car insurance. However, it doesn?t end there. The at-fault driver is supposed to have something called bodily injury coverage. That?s where we come in to help you with this process and make a claim. Not only are we looking to cover the rest of your medical expenses, but we?re going ahead and looking to get you pain and suffering, inconvenience, frustration, and lost wages, if that applies ? all this while fighting this insurance company that is doing anything and everything to delay this process. Medical bills, we help you through the whole process. We help negotiate them down if there are liens and things of that nature. We get on the phone, we fight with the hospital about their bills, and we do everything possible under the circumstances, at your direction, to go ahead and get these things resolved. If you have any questions, we?d love to hear from you.