How Long Does It Take to Resolve a Car Accident Claim?


How long will a car accident claim take?


I was meeting with a client who was in a car accident by the turnpike near FIU. This client wanted to know how long the whole process would take. That depends. I know people are used to hearing attorneys say, ?It depends,? but it really does. First of all, we have to consider the severity of your injuries. The more severe and serious an injury is, the longer your case may take to resolve. Keep in mind, everybody?s different, so some people react to therapy differently.

On top of that, we have to consider how reasonable the adjuster assigned to your file is. Insurance companies are always looking to delay things. They are not your friends, and they are looking for ways to delay or deny your claim.

That?s what you come to us for. We?re here to help, and we know their games. We?ll guide you through this process. Hopefully, we can help you navigate through everything to where things are going by smoothly. Once you?re done with your medical treatment, we get all the records we need and we submit them to the insurance adjuster. If they want to play games, we?re not afraid of going to court. If they want to be unreasonable, we can file a lawsuit and take it to trial if we need to. If you have any questions and want to get a hold of us, don?t hesitate to reach out. We?re located in Miami, but we handle cases throughout the state of Florida.