Aug 5, 2020

Differences Between Motorcycle Injury Cases and Car Crash Cases

There are many differences between motorcycle injury cases and car crash cases from a legal standpoint. It’s important that you choose the right lawyer.

What are the differences between motorcycle crash claims and car crash claims?

In Florida, if you?re involved in a motorcycle accident, it is very different from a car accident. First of all, with a motorcycle accident, chances are you don?t have some type of personal protection for yourself with regards to medical expenses. If you were in a car accident, there?s something called personal injury protection that would cover you. That doesn?t necessarily apply in these motorcycle accident cases. If you don?t have health insurance, you?re very much relying on the insurance of the person who was at fault for this crash. If you do have health insurance, then there are some other things that we can help you with throughout this process.
Motorcycle accident cases usually have a lot more serious injuries due to the exposure. Motorcycle riders don?t have the benefit of a door, a front bumper, or a steel frame protecting them. At best, hopefully, you were wearing the right protective gear, such as a helmet.
There are so many special factors involved in these motorcycle accidents that you want to make sure you go to a lawyer that knows what they?re doing. Make sure that you document your injuries, take as many photos as possible, and don?t keep these things from your lawyer; let them know all these things up front because you want to avoid any headaches down the road.
Insurance companies are always looking to delay things, and the sooner you let your lawyer know what?s going on in your case, the easier it is to overcome some of these issues. We want to help you get that compensation you deserve for your injuries, whether it be lost wages or things of that nature.

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