Choosing a Bicycle Accident Attorney


What qualities should I look for when choosing a bicycle accident lawyer?


I was asked the other day what are the things that somebody should look for when they?re involved in a bicycle accident. This person wasn?t located in my area, so one thing they were focused on was finding an attorney down the street. I wanted to make sure that they understood that while having somebody down the street might be convenient, they need to make sure the attorney they hire actually has experience handling bicycle accident cases, has the know-how, and focuses on these injury claims. You don?t want to hire somebody that handles divorces on Mondays, bankruptcies on Tuesdays and a bicycle accident case on Wednesdays. You want somebody that lives and breathes injury claims.
You also want to make sure that anyone you hire is not afraid to go to court. Insurance adjusters are looking for any excuse possible to delay claims and lowball offers. Instead of focusing on an attorney that might be down the street from you, focus on their experience, their focus, and the fact that they?re more than willing to go to court when they have to.