Dec 21, 2016

When a Wrongful Death Attorney in Miami Pursues Drowsy Driving Case

We see commercials, billboard signs, and much more warning the public about drunk driving.  Everybody knows you should call a cab or some other form of transportation.  What about drowsy driving?  It is not as popular a topic, but it can be just as deadly no matter the time of day.  It happens late at night and also during the middle of the day.  Sometimes, people just want to get home after a long shift at work or studying for exams.  Our hectic and sometimes stressful society can cause ongoing sleep deprivation, however this can also happen when people are just not getting enough quality sleep.  That means this is not just on long road trips or after one long shift – it can literally happen at any time.
If you are lucky, you might just go over some lane reflectors lightly catching your attention.  An alarming number of people are calling a wrongful death attorney in Miami after these accidents.  Fortunately, more and more cars are equipped with lane detection systems to help combat risks with traveling by automobile.  Just like any other auto accident, drowsy driving could cause a range of damages depending on the specific situation.
The higher the speed, the greater the problem.  As such, it is always better to arrive alive.
Drowsy driving can be just as negligent and dangerous as drunk driving as recent studies have shown.  As more people have started to hear, if you’re tired, pull over.  It’s better to take a nap on the side of the road than to put yourself and others at risk.
What Risks Does a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Miami Address?
It can be dangerous or even deadly to drive drowsy.  Every year, a wrongful death attorney in Miami will take on cases involving drowsy driving.  These cases don’t always make the news or the billboards, but they are no less troublesome for family and friends losing a loved one.
Being a little tired after a long shift or on a road trip may not seem so bad.  Depending on how severe it is right then, it may not be a problem.  Over time, though, even a couple hours of sleep per night can add up quicker than one would think.  You do not have to fall asleep to cause severe injuries because of your drowsy driving.  Even something as simple as a slower response time can increase your risk during traffic jams, sudden stops, and bad weather.
Experts say sleep deprivation and daytime sleepiness can be just as impactful as being drunk.  It significantly inhibits your reflexes, awareness, and response time.  If you’re awake for 18 hours, it can be equated to a blood alcohol level of 0.05.  That jumps to 0.08 if you go 24 hours without sleep.  Some drivers are less efficient drivers.  Others admit to falling asleep at the wheel.  For a wrongful death lawyer, all these situations are equally serious and likely to cause death and injuries.
Avoid a Wrongful Death Attorney in Miami with Responsible Driving
If you are driving in the not so busy areas of Miami (assuming those still exist nowadays), you may not be as concerned about the dangers.  The same apathy can happen in busier areas and traffic jams.  Miami is a large city filled with a range of different traffic conditions.  A wrongful death lawyer sees accidents in all these conditions.  Some areas have more motorcycles, mopeds or scooters, which puts victims at a higher risk of death or permanent disability.
Whether you are in Miami Beach, Little Havana, or Brickell, always drive responsibly, which means being aware of your surroundings and any challenges you may face.  If you get behind the wheel while drowsy and cause an accident, you would be considered to be just as dangerous as a drunk driver; that could lead to potential exposure to punitive damages.
What can you do to prevent this type of accident?  Drowsy drivers can affect anyone.  Sometimes, you will come across a drowsy driver and the best thing to do is follow the law and be aware of the things around you.  Drive defensively, and you can minimize the damage in an accident.  If you’re feeling tired, pull over or don’t get on the road in the first place.  You can take a nap in a parking lot, rent a hotel room, call a cab, etc.
Call a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Miami for Help
If you have been injured or lost a loved one in Miami to a drowsy driver, call a lawyer for help.  Personal injury lawyers can also help you address injuries caused by an accident with a drowsy driver.  If you believe the at-fault driver was drowsy, visit our website and talk directly to a lawyer who can help with your case.