According to the Florida Dept. of Financial Services, a Florida woman was recently arrested for allegedly filing fraudulent insurance claims.  The woman could face up to five (5) years in a Florida prison after she allegedly setting her kitchen on fire and also for allegedly flooding her home.

According the the office of Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, the two (2) claims amounted to over $70,000, but the claims were apparently not paid out after suspicions arose from her acts prior to the incidents and also due to inconsistencies after the claims were reported.

What you may not hear much about is that the Florida woman lives in Port Charlotte, which is on the west coast of Florida.  Many times the news (especially insurance companies) like to point out when fraud occurs in South Florida, but is not as quick to point out when it does not.  While South Florida, unfortunately, has a lot of fraudulent claims in its history, it is important to remind everyone that not everyone in South Florida commits fraud – fraud happens around the entire state.

Note:  Please bear in mind that the United States of America presumes everyone INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY by a court of law; otherwise, we would be left with a hollow Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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