Find Experts in Miami Who Understand Your Wind Storm Claim Needs

Homeowners across Florida have become all too familiar with the effects of severe wind storms. Some hurricanes bring rain and mild wind. Others blow off roofs and damage utility poles. This is why many homes now have generators along with shutters and other protective measures. The only thing you can do when a hurricane hits is prepare your home and evacuate as necessary.

Once the storm ends, though, you may need lawyers who specialize in insurance disputes to move the process along. You won’t be the only one trying to get compensation. Adjusters might not have the experience to know how much they owe you. Sometimes, they may be in such a hurry that they leave details out.
Get a Full Assessment of Your Costs in Miami with Wind Storm Experts

One of the biggest barriers you’ll face to getting fair compensation in Miami is the assessment. How much documentation do you have? Did the company you’re working with do a full evaluation of your property? Did they miss little things that add up quickly? After a strong storm, even small electrical issues left unfixed could turn into much bigger disasters.

Nunez Law has years of experience in taking care of all the details. When you work with any of our associates, you can be sure it will be done right. That means any restoration company we recommend will complete a thorough assessment of your property. They know exactly how much everything costs. Specialists are also familiar with the damages that can hide from the untrained eye.

With a complete assessment, lawyers who specialize in wind storm damage can ask for the right amount. With the proper documentation, many insurance companies will settle rather than going to court.

Choose Lawyers Who Specialize in Insurance Disputes When You Need Them

Occasionally, you’ll run into more complications. Your insurance company keeps delaying the process. Maybe they come up with some way you violated the terms of your policy. Whatever the reason, you’ll need attorneys who specialize in insurance disputes like yours.

Often, we can still resolve your claim before it has to go to court. If you don’t get an acceptable settlement, though, we can take it to court. We want to make sure you get maximum compensation for your claim.

What If Your Claim Is Denied after Wind Storm Damage in Miami?

Sometimes, companies may try to find a reason to deny your claim after a wind storm. Depending on the case, they may have valid reasons. For example, if your policy doesn’t cover certain types of damage, they won’t pay. Always look at your policy closely, especially in Florida.

It’s not unheard of for some insurance companies to try to put restrictions in place you didn’t agree to, though.

How long should it take to process your claim? There are time limits on when you can file a claim. Insurance companies have similar restrictions on how long they can take to process your claim once you file the paperwork. If they deny your claim for any reason, you won’t be waiting for months. You should hear back relatively quickly, which is when we can evaluate their reasoning and address the problem.

Contact Nunez Law for Lawyers Who Specialize in Wind Storm Damage

The first step to any claim is to contact your insurance company. You can report the incident and get the paperwork started. If you feel you’re not being treated fairly for any reason, the next step is to schedule your consultation with Nunez Law. We have lawyers who specialize in wind storm damage and insurance disputes. So we’re prepared to help you from start to finish.

We can help you find the right professionals to assess and repair the damage when you’re ready. After wind storms, everybody will be clamoring to get their claim handled first. One of the biggest risks you face is not knowing about all the damage. With many less experienced adjusters in the field, you can’t always rely on them to get all the numbers right. With a consultation with Nunez Law, you can be confident you’re getting the full claim you’ve paid for.