Jul 6, 2017

How a Truck Accident Attorney in Miami Works with Case Adjusters

When injured in a truck accident in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Keys, or anywhere else in South Florida, most victims don’t work with the other person(s) involved.  They contact a truck accident attorney in Miami to avoid issues and make sure things go as smoothly as can be expected.  Regardless of who the trucker’s insurance company is, negotiations start with insurance companies as soon as possible concerning damages to someone’s automobile.  When trucks are involved, you could be dealing with large corporations that hire “Third-Party Administrators” as well.  Insurance companies send their own adjusters to evaluate your case and estimate the value of your case.
Many times, a truck accident attorney will also look at your case and could hire a public adjuster to help assess the value of damages to your property.  Insurance adjusters often look at things in the interest of the insurance company.  Some also have limited training which makes it easier for them to make mistakes and overlook things along the way.  Attorneys use all the tools at their disposal to make sure you have the most accurate information on your side.
You can hire a public adjuster to look at the property damage aspect of your case; however, a public adjuster cannot help with your bodily injury claim.  Many lawyers already have adjusters they’re familiar with, which allows you to be confident about their experience and ability to handle your case.
Public Adjusters Crunch the Numbers with Other Professionals
A public adjuster doesn’t just work for a truck accident attorney in Miami.  But, they can work with attorneys and other industry professionals to help your property damages get resolved as soon as possible.  When a large 18-wheeler is involved, many of the standard damages can be even greater.  Cars can suffer more damage as can all passengers from drivers to infants in the back seat.  If your car doesn’t perform well in crash test ratings, the damage can be even greater.
Some victims might require longer recoveries or even suffer permanent injuries.  In other cases, the family will pursue wrongful death caused by negligence lawsuits.  Insurance companies aren’t always involved, but they take care of the vast majority of cases.  This provides an easy resolution that starts with more settlements.  It’s in all parties’ best interests to settle out of court as litigation can be time consuming and costly.  Even if you think you have a strong case, juries are inherently unpredictable meaning that you have less control of the outcome.
If you’re suing an individual or company for negligence, you could still involve a public adjuster.  This way, you can be sure you’re getting the right compensation for your damaged property.  You can only sue once when you’re pursuing personal injury or wrongful death cases.  So you need all the information available to make sure you’re accounting for all factors involved.
A Truck Accident Attorney in Miami Can Establish Negligence
The next step for a truck accident attorney in Miami is to prove negligence.  (Note: The person making a claim has the burden to show the other person is responsible for damages to property and bodily injury.)  It’s not just a matter of proving the other side did something wrong.  In some truck accidents, the truck driver was not to blame as it’s their job to be cautious; their could have been negligence on the manner in which a mechanic or manufacturer fabricated the large truck.  For example, was there a known manufacturer recall?  Either way, negligence can involve things like falling asleep at the wheel or drunk driving.  It can also include drivers who didn’t properly maintain the air pressure on their truck tires or made illegal maneuvers.
Accident reconstruction experts can recreate the accident to get an idea of how it likely happened.  Lawyers will also look for videos and other objective evidence where applicable.  Sometimes, it’s left to the expertise of people who use the damage and other factors to give the courts a visual representation.  You can also bring in experts to look at the condition of the cars and trucks involved.  Did any vehicle or motorcycle involve have defects that haven’t yet been recognized by the manufacturer?  Were all cars, trucks, and motorcycles properly maintained?  Negligence can come in many forms.  It’s up to a truck accident lawyer to look at all the factors involved and help you establish your negligence case.
Find a Truck Accident Lawyer in Miami You Can Trust
You only have one chance to handle a personal injury case of any kind.  So always shop carefully when you need a truck accident attorney in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Keys, or anywhere else in South Florida.  You can check the state bar website to see if lawyers have any disciplinary actions against them.  You can also find Google reviews online to help you differentiate between different options.
Nunez Law handles a range of personal injury cases every day.  We can help with cases concerning medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, and especially truck and motorcycle accidents.  We have the experience and skill you are looking for to help you build a case where negligence is involved.  To schedule a free consultation and explore your options with Nunez Law, click here.