Lawyers & Attorneys Handle Unexpected Tire Failures in Miami

If you’ve been the victim of a tire blowout or other failures, contacting a lawyer now is crucial. Throughout the years, we’ve seen it happen before. Just like auto manufacturing defects, some tires are built to fail. They may blowout while you’re driving at highway speeds. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to stop quickly without any other collisions. Unfortunately, recent tire failures have led to death or permanent disability.

Miami Tire Failure Lawyers It’s not just small or obscure companies that run into these problems. Firestone has been one of the nation’s largest tire companies. They were also the subject of one of the most public lawsuits involving tire failures and defects. Unfortunately, the company dragged this out, even in the face of bad press. Many of the original plaintiffs passed. The cases were carried on by their estates, though.

Could this happen to you? Depending on the company, some may be willing to take the bad press. Because of how infamous Firestone became, though, many tire companies are more inclined to settle.

What Kind of Tire Failures Do Attorneys at Nunez Law Handle?

Tire failures can include many types of accidents. In most cases, though, the tread separates at highway speeds. This could be scary for some and deadly for others. Tread separation isn’t the only tire defect that can cause these serious injuries.

As tire failure attorneys, we see cases of catastrophic tire failure, tire blowouts, and rim explosions. We treat every case with the utmost urgency. This allows us to recover the maximum amount for your injuries and car damage.

How Do Tire Failures Work?

How do tread separation and other tire failures work? When do lawyers at Nunez Law in Miami get involved? When manufacturing the tire, the base is built first. Then the steel belts are embedded into the structure of the tire. Finally, the tread can be applied. Steel-belted radial tires are more likely to have issues with tread separation.

Drivers can also lose control should something puncture the tire. Even without losing air, though, tread separation can cause a driver to lose control. Tread separation can usually be traced back to the manufacturing process. This is when tire failure lawyers from Nunez Law get involved.

Sometimes, tires fail because of overuse or abuse on the part of the owner. Tread separation typically only happens when the manufacturer is at fault. The rubber used could be too old or dry. They might also design the tires carelessly. Most companies conduct regular inspections. They may miss these imperfections leading to tire failures, though. It could be just a few tires or a whole batch.

Can Tire Failure Lawyers Handle Unusual Cases?

Miami Tire Failure AttorneysAttorneys at Nunez Law are equipped to handle any case of tire failures you bring to us. Tread separation is most common in older tires at faster speeds. Occasionally, though, it can happen at residential speeds around 15 to 20 mph. Sometimes, it also happens with brand new tires. The faster you’re driving, though, the more serious your injuries are likely to be.

At Nunez Law, our tire failure attorneys always look at the individual merits of your case. Even seemingly simple cases can hit unexpected bumps. For example, they might suggest the tires were misused or the car collided with something else causing the tires to fail. They might try to bring in your speed or reckless behavior as a factor in your injuries.

Whatever tire companies try to use in their case, lawyers at Nunez Law are prepared. We’ve handled a range of tire failure cases over the years. So we can handle both the standard and often unexpected challenges that come up along the way.

Find Tire Failure Lawyers You Can Trust with Nunez Law

If you need help after tire failures, always call lawyers at Nunez Law. We can help you get the money to pay for your injuries. If you lost a loved one in the accident, we can help you with wrongful death suits. At Nunez Law, attorneys review your case to determine its validity and how much you can expect to make. Then we protect your rights if you’re ready to move forward.