When you file a personal injury suit, proving negligence and fault are usually part of the battle. You also have to calculate how much you’ve lost in the process. This includes things like medical bills, loss of earning capacity, and income losses. Any time you have to take off for your recovery can go into your personal injury claim.  When accident victims in Miami need a motorcycle accident attorney, the easy answer is to contact Nuñez Law for a free consultation.  Sometimes, motorcycle riders can end up with permanent disabilities even in a small accident. Unfortunately, the risk of death goes up sharply with motorcycles.  We can help you throughout the entire claim process.

If loved ones are suing for a deceased loved one, some of the costs can add up quickly and the process can be more drawn out.  Florida lawyers have to calculate what the total income potential of the deceased would have been.  Florida attorneys also have to consider other expenses like medical and funeral costs.  Depending on the accident, factors like pain and suffering can come into play.  Without an experienced lawyer in Miami, some people can get lost and overlook the basics.

Usually personal injury cases are handled by insurance companies, but sometimes third-party administrators are the ones handling the claim for te at-fault party.  This is why you want to hire motorcycle accident lawyers – no need to go at urban alone.  When the accident was caused by negligence like drunk or drowsy driving, things can get more complicated.

Types of Compensation a Miami Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Pursue

You only get one chance to file an insurance claim and/or a personal injury suit.  So you need to get your information right the first time.  What kind of costs can you recover, and what kind of impact can you expect?  Lawyers in Florida typically work with experts in different fields to calculate your losses.  This includes medical professionals, economists, and others that can help explain damages.  What do lawyers focus on when looking into your case?

  • Outstanding Medical Bills: You’re entitled to compensation for your medical costs after a motorcycle accident.  This could include anything from emergency room bills to long-term rehab and other recovery care.
  • Future Medical Expenses: Many times, lawyers will wait to determine the total medical costs for future care based on the prognosis of treating doctors.  Doctors can give an estimate of what you might spend for future treatment depending on the severity of your injuries.  They have to assess your injuries first.  Then you can include future medical costs within a reasonable degree of medical probability.
  • Lost Income:  Have you missed work because of the motorcycle accident?  You might miss more work if you have to go to rehab.  Unfortunately, it could even affect your long-term career if you run into permanent disabilities – loss of earning capacity is something that can be included in your personal injury claim.  Lawyers in Florida can work with other experts to determine your income loss with many different factors.
  • Personal Property Damage:  After a motorcycle accident, this part is relatively minor.  You can seek compensation for the cost of your motorcycle and other personal property – for example: your helmet; riding gear; even your cell phone.
  • Other Out of Pocket Expenses:  This could include things like hiring a cleaning company or someone to care for your children.  If you can’t do these things you normally would, you can include the cost of hiring others to do it for you for a reasonable amount of time.
  • Pain and Suffering:  Pain and suffering isn’t a factor in every case.  It’s considered a non-economic loss.  Some victims are allowed to seek payment for things like soft tissue damage or emotional distress.
  • Scarring and Disfigurement:  With road rash and other factors, a motorcycle accident can lead to serious disfigurement.  Florida law allows a claimant to recover for scarring and/or disfigurement caused by another’s negligence.  This is also considered a non-economic loss that can interfere with your income potential.
  • Loss of Consortium:  Florida law allows plaintiffs to sue for loss of consortium, companionship, and support.  This is most commonly concerning a spouse not having the same love and affection after a serious accident.  A motorcycle accident can take victims away from their families.  Some victims are also alive, but unable to enjoy time with family and friends like they could before the motorcycle accident.

Accident Victims in Miami Can Find a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you’re involved in an accident in Miami, always call a motorcycle accident attorney.  Nunez Law can help you evaluate your case and find more answers.  We have experience in motorcycle accident cases in South Florida.  We can deal with insurance companies and other parties to make the process as stress-free as possible.  We handle cases for both the injured parties and family members.  Wrongful death suits can be much more complicated.  Nunez Law is up for the job.  We can help you maximize your claim and minimize the hassle.  For more information on all your options after a motorcycle accident, visit our website.  You can schedule your appointment and explore your options with a free consultation.