May 25, 2017

Things to Avoid Saying in Miami without an Auto Accident Lawyer

Even what might be considered a “fender bender” can be stressful, and insurance companies may try to downplay them during the claims process but large insurers have acknowledged that what may seem like a small impact can still cause serious injuries.  For some, the first instinct is to divulge everything you (think you) know, but if you speak too soon, your statements can be used against you later on, even if they were said in the heat of the moment, once all the facts come to light.
One of the key things to keep in mind is that you should always avoid anything that an insurance company will try to twist and turn to its advantage.  After an accident, many Miami residents might say things like “are you okay” if the other party was also injured.  If you need an auto accident lawyer, these types of statements could come back to haunt you.  Even if you were just trying to express concern for the other person’s injuries, it could be argued as admissions of fault (or partial fault).
You should also avoid making any spoken or written promises.  This could be something as simple as going to a mechanic or even giving the other party a certain mechanic’s name.  Although you’re trying to be helpful it can be argued against you later.  When you need an auto accident lawyer, these types of things can be better explained in detail, even with an in-person meeting.
Law enforcement can also make notes about your behavior.  So actions that make it seem like you might have been at-fault can also come back to haunt you.  Answer police questions as clearly and concisely as possible as the officer is simply trying to do his/her job effectively and promptly.
Can You Be Too Friendly after an Auto Accident?
When involved in an accident, some are instinctively friendly.  They want to help whenever possible.  While it’s okay to be helpful and ask if they need medical assistance, you should avoid other things.  You might be trying to assure another stressed out driver that everything will be fine.  Even if you think the case is cut and dry, you should be careful after an accident.
All these seemingly harmless statements can make a case trickier later on.  Anything that can be construed as an admission or commitment should be avoided.  If you’re unsure or it seems at all unusual, you can feel good in knowing that less is best.
Discussing Fault in Miami Before You Talk to an Auto Accident Lawyer Not Good Idea
Most insurance companies will tell their insured not to admit fault after an auto accident.  You can find this in online guides or cards insurance companies routinely distribute.  This way, those words can’t be used against their insured later on.  What you might not realize is you shouldn’t assess fault towards the other side without discussing the matter with an attorney as Florida has a lot of statutes directly on point for traffic accidents.  Instead, let the investigators complete their work when they reach the scene.
A Miami auto accident lawyer can look for other evidence like traffic cams and witness statements. It’s not always easy to get the evidence you need while you’re trying to sort out the details of an accident.  Lawyers can do the work to get things sorted out and make sure you have all the facts.  In Florida, insurance companies will typically take care of the repairs up to policy limits.  Even if you’re confident the insurance company will take care of everything, you should always protect your interests as they are separate and distinct from the insurance company’s bottom line.
What else should you avoid immediately after an accident?  Don’t guess at the details like speed for either vehicle, why someone was turning a certain way, etc.  These are all things that can create issues later.  Reality is that some auto accidents do not require any legal intervention.  The reports are clear, and insurance companies do their jobs and work out the details when it comes to repairs – not the same when bodily injuries are being claimed (in our experience).  In other cases, an auto accident can get complicated fast.  When you need an auto accident lawyer, Nunez Law can help.  We have years of experience in auto accidents and all the curve balls that comes with them.  For more information on your options, click here.