Slip and Fall Insurance Adjuster


Should I talk to the insurance company after a slip and fall injury?


I had a gentleman call me the other day about a fall that he had at a store. He had a lot of really good questions, but the one he was most concerned about was whether or not he should give a statement to the insurance adjuster that had called him. I explained to him that he doesn?t need to give them a statement, and it is also probably not the best of ideas to give a statement. The best thing he can do is actually talk to a lawyer who can help him through this whole process. These insurance adjusters are going to try to twist his words and use anything that they get from that statement to try to delay the process.

Calling a lawyer is the best bet you can have, but you?ve got to call the right lawyer. Make sure you get somebody who knows slip and fall cases, and ask them all the questions you need.