Mar 22, 2017

Settle Your Case in Miami with a Slip & Fall Lawyer

After a slip and fall, it can be difficult for the average person to know how to present a claim let alone when to settle.  Insurance companies might offer you a settlement early on and hope you are not willing to see it through.  They aren’t always fair with claimants, though.  The first offer could be thousands below what you’re entitled to.  Other times, insurance and other companies might try to deny being liable or having any fault for injuries resulting from the fall.  Any time you’re unsure of how fairly you’re being treated, a slip and fall lawyer should be your first call.
Slip and fall lawyers can help you answer questions and sort out the details.  They look at the details of your case and any settlements you’ve already been offered.  If the accident occurred at work, you’ll likely need to go through workers compensation first – better off speaking with an attorney as soon as possible to make sure of your rights.
What happens if your slip and fall occurred while at a store?  If you’ve been injured in South Florida – Miami, Brickell, Kendall, Hialeah, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Davie, or even Miramar – a slip and fall lawyer can look at your case and consider the circumstances.  Then we can make recommendations to help you make decisions about your case.
Factors a Miami Slip and Fall Lawyer Considers
Proving you’ve been injured can be the easy part in some cases. Slip and fall lawyers still have to work with you to review doctors’ records to assess the injuries arising from the fall.  You need to know how much it will cost in initial medical bills and any long-term costs like physical therapy. This could include both in-home and facility rehabilitation. If you’re filing a personal injury suit with slip and fall lawyers, you have to consider other basic factors.
It starts with establishing a connection between the injury and your fall.  Did your fall cause the problems you’ve dealt with in the past?  Sometimes, a fall can aggravate old injuries.  Doctors can evaluate the difference between fall-related injuries and older injuries.  This helps you determine the value of your claim and seek compensation that you may deserve for another’s negligence.
Then it’s up to a slip and fall lawyer to help prove negligence. This isn’t just proving there was a hazard that contributed to your fall.  You also have to prove the party in question had a duty to ensure your safety and failed to meet a reasonable standard under the circumstances.  You cannot always accurately measure negligence at face value.  Even something as seemingly obvious as a wet, slippery floor can be more complicated than you imagine – Florida law has many moving parts that accompany slip and fall cases.
Assessing the Proper Value of Your Case in Miami with a Slip and Fall Lawyer
You can address your slip and fall case on your own.  You can work with insurance companies and discuss offers.  Even if the offer seems high, many slip and fall victims call a lawyer to sort out the details.  In some accidents, lawyers will wait for longer to make sure they’re getting the full numbers.  This could mean assessing the severity of the injuries with more tests.
A slip and fall lawyer can gather all the information instead of missing little details. We look at things like how much time you lose at work. We also consider long-term income loss before coming up with a settlement. This way, we can get a complete number with all your losses accounted for.
When clients work with slip and fall lawyers, they look for fair treatment. Just by having a fair evaluation of your claim, you can get have some peace of mind. Even accounting for legal fees, many slip and fall lawyers can help you increase your settlement for better outcomes.
Be a Priority in Miami with a Slip and Fall Lawyer
When you call a slip and fall lawyer, you could easily fall to the back of the line.  Especially if your claim is small relative to others, some lawyer might not make you a priority.  Nunez Law wants to provide a thorough assessment of your case.  This way, we can help you get accurate information and get clients the largest claims they qualify for.
At Nunez Law, we’ll get to work as soon as you reach out to us.  For more information about slip and fall cases and more, click here.