Mar 31, 2017

Photographing an Accident in Miami for a Wrongful Death Lawyer

Immediately after an accident is a prime time to document the scene. Everything is still fresh, and things probably have not changed much, if at all.  You should always take photos before moving your car to avoid the adverse party trying to change his/her story later.  Once you do, you can take pictures of the damage caused by the auto accident.  This helps drivers to avoid inaccurate claims.  Police reports can also document the scene, but please keep in mind that they are inadmissible under Florida law.  The story can change once they arrive so photos could be your greatest ally when showing who caused the car crash.  This is why many people are starting to use dash cams.  They are continually filming allowing you to document accidents as they happen. Having all the information above can help if and when you need a Wrongful Death Lawyer.
You cannot always record all your injuries on either side immediately after the accident, so be sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible.  Luckily, South Florida has quality urgent care centers available at all hours of the day.  Sometimes, injuries do not show up for days after the original accident – many times it is due to the high levels of adrenaline after an auto accident.  If there is a lawsuit, later on, it is likely because of the insurance adjuster not making a reasonable offer on your claim.  They might look into things like past medical history or unexplained gaps in treatment.  Any personal injury claim involves more than just describing how you feel.  And in a wrongful death claim, things are even more complicated at times.  Sometimes, it could be something like a blood clot associated with the accident that unfortunately leads to death a few days later.
After an accident, drivers and other parties may be frazzled.  Even if you take just a few pictures with your phone, you have something to go back to later on.  Even if you think all parties are being honest, go a little further because you would be surprised how creative adverse parties get once they speak with their insurance companies and have to explain how the accident happened.
Document All the Conditions in the Miami Auto Accident for Your Wrongful Death Lawyer
Sometimes, loved ones will have to document the scene later on.  As much as possible, able-bodied passengers and others should try to document conditions after the accident.  This could include things like the weather and any slick roads. If there’s a hazard like something that fell out of a truck on the road, make sure to take a picture of that as well.  Sometimes, it comes down to more specific pictures like a tire that may have exploded.  Mechanics and insurance professionals can also document any damage or defects to the car.  It’s not always necessary, but you never know what they might miss if you wait.
Dash cams can be one of the most efficient ways to gather the information you might not think of.  If a driver on one side of you suddenly decides to turn into your lane, you’d naturally swerve to avoid them when possible.  If this leads to a single car accident, you’d need either witnesses or videos to prove you were not at fault.  If a victim is killed in an accident, a dash cam could get a license plate number and other details.  A wrongful death lawyer could then do the extra work to find the responsible party and file your case.
A wrongful death case is unique in that the original victim cannot sue for themselves as that person passed away.  Sometimes you have to do a little work to find out who legally qualifies to sue in a wrongful death case, especially since Florida has specific laws about who a claimant can be.  The victim could be a driver, motorcyclist, bicyclist, passenger, or even a pedestrian, or other third parties. Those potential claimants are not always with the deceased at the time of the accident.  So it could fall on a wrongful death lawyer to locate witnesses, first responders, and others.
Explore Your Options in Miami Early with a Wrongful Death Lawyer
Losing a loved one is never easy. It’s not just about the emotional stress.  You also have to deal with medical bills, funeral expenses, children left with a parent, and more.  If the decedent had any debt, it may have to be worked out from settlement proceeds.  If they were the primary provider, you could also lose a substantial amount of income in the process.  If the deceased was a stay at home parent, all the services that were provided for those in the household can also add up in value.
If the death was caused by someone else’s negligence in Miami, you can work with a wrongful death lawyer – whether caused by a drunk driver or not.  We can look at your situation and assess all the details. This allows us to give you legal assistance instead of relying on things you hear from people unfamiliar with the process.  A wrongful death suit can take years depending on how hard insurance companies and others are willing to fight to resolve a case for an amount that a fair and just verdict could present the claimants.
If you’ve lost a loved one in an accident and you need a lawyer, call Nunez Law.  Let us help you address your concerns and build your case when you’re ready.  Bring the information you have available.  A wrongful death lawyer can help you figure out the rest.  To get started with your wrongful death case with Nunez Law, click here.