Pedestrian Accident Insurance Investigation


Should I talk to the insurance company after a pedestrian accident?


I met with somebody the other day who was injured while walking and they asked me if it was a bad idea that they gave a statement to the insurance company. I explained to them that it definitely wasn?t a good idea. If you?re asking yourself whether you should go ahead and give a statement to the insurance adjuster, I highly recommend you don?t. You have to keep in mind that these insurance adjusters do not have your best interest in mind. They?re focused on whoever their policyholder is, and they are looking for ways to delay your claim. They most likely have some questionnaire to ask you, and, depending on how you answer, they?re going to go ahead and try to use that against you later. If you answer this way, they?ve got a response for that down the road. If you answer that way, they?ve got a way to lower your value down the road later, as well.

These are the types of things that insurance companies do regularly. If you?re considering giving a statement, please call an attorney first. Make sure you get someone with the experience and know-how to handle these types of claims.