Pedestrian Accident Case Value


How much is my pedestrian accident claim worth?


I was meeting with a client the other day who got injured while walking, and they wanted to know what the value of their claim was. I explained to them that that?s not something we can assess early on. I wish this was something I could tell clients off the bat, but I can?t. There?s too many factors that go into the value of a claim. How much time from work did you miss? What are the extent of your injuries? As you can imagine, somebody who simply twists an ankle, compared to somebody who needs surgery to that ankle, is going to have a different value of that claim.

When you?re done with your surgery, will you be able to walk easily? Will you need a cane? Will you not be able to walk at all? These are different things that go into factoring the value of somebody?s claim. For that reason, you don?t want an attorney to just throw numbers in the air or promise you the sky. You want to make sure that you go with somebody that can actually give you an honest and fair number when calculating the compensation you deserve.