Partial Fault Truck Accident


Can I recover truck accident damages if I was partially at fault?


When people are involved in a crash, they often have questions about whether or not they are partially at fault. I hate using the phrase ?it depends,? but, many times, it does. What you need to keep in mind is these truck drivers have a completely different set of rules. You may think you did something wrong, but they should have avoided that, especially with all the training that they get. Keep in mind, these truck drivers are professional drivers? this is what they do for a living,. There is a whole different set of rules set out for them governing issues such as velocity, distance to be kept between vehicles, traffic or road conditions, and more.

These are all different things that you may not be thinking about, and I don?t expect you to know these things. This is why you contact a lawyer that has experience in truck accident cases.