May 30, 2017

When a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Miami Pursues Manufacturers

Many times, motorcycle riders are seen as being somehow reckless.  Frequently, we unfairly think of motorcyclists as riding through occupied lanes, swerving between cars, speeding, and otherwise acting carelessly. The simple act of driving with minimal protection puts a rider’s life at risk in even a minor accident.  Many motorcycle drivers are more cautious than your average car driver due to the limited protection available to them.  Perception often plays a large part in whether a biker wins a case and how much a jury determines to be a fair and just verdict.A good motorcycle accident lawyer in Miami prepares for these possibilities.  We want to make sure you’re fully represented with knowledgeable professionals.  Sometimes, while these situations of defect cases aren’t the usual, manufacturer defects are sometimes part of the package.
Sometimes, you’ll have the benefit of a recent recall that covers the problem.  Other times, you’ll be among the first filing suit.  This would mean finding lawyers who can hire the right experts.  It’s often a combination of factors.  It’s the job of lawyers and other professionals to determine just how much of an impact these different factors had.  What does a motorcycle accident lawyer likely need to prove to move forward with a defective product claim?
Meet the Burden of Proof with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Miami
Whenever you consider filing a case, you have to meet a certain burden of proof.  Sometimes, this will be harder than others, but a motorcycle accident lawyer in Miami can help you.  What do you need to prove?

It Was Related to the Defect: This usually requires accident reconstruction. You also have to analyze the motorcycle itself. Was it defective at the time, or was something else going on?
You Didn’t Act Negligently: Even if there was a defect in the motorcycle, you still have to prove you didn’t act negligently, or if you did that it did not contribute to the defect causing injuries.
You Sustained Significant Injuries: If you sustained minor injuries somehow, a manufacturer could be negligent. You should still file a claim to get a motorcycle replaced or repaired.  However, when the costs are low, it’s not always worth the cost of pursuing a case because of all the expenses associated with the claim.
The Short and Long-Term Costs:  Things like medical bills can establish what the objective costs are.  You should always look beyond the short-term costs.  Will you need physical therapy?  Will it cause long-term or even permanent problems in your income?  All these things should be considered before you file a suit

Get More for Your Claim with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Miami
If you’ve been involved in an accident, the first thing you should do is document the scene. I f you can, get witness information and pictures.  If you can’t, lawyers can go back later on and find traffic cams and other documentation.  We can pull police reports and find witnesses in some cases.  Motorcycle accident lawyers can also bring in experts to evaluate your case.  Looking up recent recalls is just the beginning.  Lawyers have to evaluate things from a mechanical perspective.  In many motorcycle accidents, victims are pursuing wrongful death suits.  Even if you can recover completely or have permanent disabilities, we can help.
Nunez Law brings years of experience to the table.  We’ve handled countless cases with a full range of injuries.  Motorcycle accidents are just one of the areas we handle.  We handle cases of auto accidents, slip and fall claims, and medical malpractice as well.  You can see a full list of the services we offer.  Then you can schedule a consultation or read about the experience we bring to the table.
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