Motorcycle Accident Insurance Investigation



Should I talk to the insurance company after a motorcycle accident?


Many times, clients involved in motorcycle accidents want to know if they should give someone a statement. Very seldomly is their own insurance involved, so you?re mostly dealing with an insurance adjuster from the at-fault person that caused these injuries on this motorcyclist. Don?t talk to them without first talking to a lawyer. We know the games they try to play. They are always trying to delay paying you compensation. They will also try to spin your words and use them against you. These are things that you want to avoid, and the best way to avoid it is to talk to your lawyer first. Make sure you get the right lawyer who?s got experience in handling these personal injury matters. Look for a lawyer, too, who knows where the courtroom is. You don?t want some fancy paper-pusher, but someone who knows how to fight for you. If you?re thinking, “If I give this statement, it?s going to go ahead and make this process quicker,” that?s not always the case. Talk to a lawyer first.