Motorcycle Accident Case Value


How much is my motorcycle accident claim worth?


A lot of times, people ask me what the value of their case is when they?re involved in a motorcycle accident. It?s almost impossible for me to answer that at the beginning; there?s too many things that go into account. The main thing you should be doing, if you?re involved in a motorcycle accident, is focus on feeling better. Document your injuries, and start that healing process. We can then start figuring out compensation. How much time did you miss at work? Are you going to need future care? Are you going to need surgeries down the line? These are the things that we won?t be able to find out within the first week or two, so you shouldn?t be interested in resolving your case in the first 10 days.

You want to make sure that you fully understand your injuries. You focus on feeling better, we get the information that we need, and we help you determine what a fair compensation is for your injuries. So when somebody asks me, ?What?s my case worth?? it depends. Figuring that out is a process for us so that we can determine what full and fair compensation in your case is.