Lawyer in Miami For Mold Lawsuit

Don’t Handle Mold Damage Claims Alone

Mold Damage Claims AttorneyIf toxic mold has taken over even a small part of your house, the effects could be life threatening. Any time you experience water damage, you run this risk. Sometimes, it’s caused by a small drip that continues to hit one or more spots. The average insurance policy doesn’t cover something associated with negligence. So if you have an undetected leak that has been causing damage for months, they may deny your claim.

You also have to look at your insurance policy to make sure flooding or other major events are covered. Unfortunately, not all policies include this type of damage. Some buyers look at their surrounding environment to decide if they need an extra policy. Even if you live in a dry climate with low flood risk, though, pipes can burst. The right policy could save you thousands, especially if there’s mold.

Act Quickly after Water Damage to Prevent and Treat Mold

Mold Damage Claim LawyersIn Miami, water damage could come from a major windstorm or a broken pipe. No matter how it happens, your priority is to stop it at the source. This most likely means turning off the water in that part of your house. Then you call a restoration company. They’ll need to pull up wet carpets, turn on drying fans, etc. Some companies will also work directly with your insurance company to get their payments.

It depends partly on how much damage is done, though. The sooner you act, the more lawyers who specialize in mold damage can do in Miami.

Attorneys Who Specialize in Mold Damage Can Find All the Damage

When working with your insurance company, adjusters will come out to evaluate the damage. They may defer to the restoration company. Always make sure they calculate in any additional property loss. Unfortunately, these parties aren’t always as experienced as you’d hope. They also prioritize the cost. So they may miss out on important things.

Attorneys who specialize in mold damage in Miami have years of practice. This includes long-term problems like mold. We inspect every corner to make sure everything is included in the cost. This can increase your settlement. More importantly, though, you avoid future complications that could cost you a lot more.

File an Insurance Claim with Lawyers Who Specialize in Insurance Disputes

Some of our clients just want to make sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish. They have work, school, kids, and other obligations to worry about. They want everything to get done. They just don’t have time to worry about arguing with the insurance companies. We can help you with every step of the process.

We start out by reviewing your insurance policies to make sure your policy covers the damages. Once we confirm that, we can start filling out the paperwork and making a plan. We look for signs of mold and damage to your property from floor to ceiling.

Lawyers who specialize in mold damage take the right pictures and more. We can also help you find professionals who will take care of your repairs. Be careful not to throw away anything until your insurance adjuster has documented it.

How Long Does a Claim Take with Lawyers Who Specialize in Mold Damage?

After the initial claim is made, you can expect to hear back within a day or two. The insurance company will give you any necessary instructions. They are obligated to start investigating your claim within 15 days after written notice. They can ask you for more information at any time. Many of our Miami clients call attorneys who specialize in insurance disputes when they run into trouble.

Within 15 days, they should accept or reject your claim. If they pay, they give you a number you can accept or reject. Then they have five days to pay you. Insurance companies send out an adjuster. Then they give you an initial estimate of the damages which is subject to change and a list of contractors. You don’t have to use those contractors, though. What happens if they reject your suit? They have to explain their reasoning in writing. If there’s a dispute at any time during this process, just call us and let us help you.