Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Car Insurance


What mistakes should I avoid when buying car insurance in Florida?


In Florida, people always buy insurance for their cars and think they have purchased full coverage. Especially in Miami and Broward, you need to make sure that you are also getting uninsured motorist coverage. It is really inexpensive, considering what you are getting. Imagine you are a client who has been injured badly. The other guy doesn?t have any insurance, even though he was required to, or he doesn?t have enough insurance. You are left with serious injuries and not enough coverage. If you had bought uninsured motorist coverage, you would have been protected from the fact that the other person didn?t have enough. Make sure when you get this so-called full coverage, you?re going ahead and getting uninsured motorist coverage. It is pennies on the dollar from what you think it might be, and, if you have to make an injury claim, you will be so glad you got it.