Aug 27, 2020

Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Truck Accident Case

Watch this video to learn about the costly mistakes that will ruin your truck accident case. Contact Nu?ez Law today for a consultation.

What mistakes should I avoid after a truck accident?

I had a lady who was in a truck crash and didn?t realize it was very different from a regular car accident case. These trucking companies have a lot of resources. They are instantaneously getting information about the crash and the crash scene, and collecting evidence. It isn?t just enough to go ahead and take photos from the crash scene or to document your injuries. You need to make sure you get a lawyer that can get the ball rolling as soon as possible on the investigation.
A mistake many make is not getting a lawyer in time. There are things that need to be done as soon as possible to try to preserve information about that crash. A lot of these trucks have data recorders and we need to ensure we can get access to that data. The sooner you get a lawyer the sooner we can start trying to preserve that information.

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