Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Pedestrian Accident Claim


What mistakes should I avoid after a pedestrian accident?


I received a call from a client the other day. She had been hit by a car as she was about to cross the street. At the time, she didn?t know what she should do, and she called me a few days after the incident had already occurred. She was surprised when I explained to her some of the mistakes that she had already made in her case, and she was relieved to know that we could get her through these mistakes.

If you?re wondering whether you may have made mistakes in your own case, ask yourself:
? Did you take photos?
? Did you give a recorded statement to the insurance company?
? Did you delay seeing a doctor and documenting your injuries?
? Did you sign something without actually having read it?

These are the things that you need to keep in mind. If you have a pedestrian case, the best thing you can do is make sure you contact a lawyer who?s got experience, focus and who?s not afraid to go to court. If you?re injured and you?re asking yourself these questions, give us a call.