Nov 29, 2016

When to Call a Miami Auto Accident Attorney

Even a small auto accident can come with a lot of questions. It’s not always as simple as it seems. You may need a Miami Auto Accident Attorney to deal with insurance companies and others. Even if it’s cut and dry, you still have to work with insurance adjusters and others who aren’t always honest. They’re protecting their interests, and adjusters don’t always know what’s legally required. They only have some of the information that helps them calculate the amount they owe you.
When you’re at fault, you can review the policy you agreed to. How much did they agree to pay if you were injured? If you stay within that limit, what are the terms? Did you pay for insurance to cover your own auto repairs? If you did, always go to a shop you trust to make sure that a complete and thorough evaluation of your car’s damage is conducted. No matter how the accident happened, always take a find your insurance policy when calling an accident lawyer.
Call an Auto Accident Lawyer in Miami When in Doubt
An accident can be stressful for those involved and also for their families, especially when there is a personal injury. You never expect to be in an accident, and you could be up against unexpected medical expense and auto repair bills within seconds. If you had passengers, you could also feel responsible for taking care of them and making sure their injuries are addressed. Anytime you feel in over your head, call an auto accident attorney in Miami. You can schedule a free consultation to discuss your case when an attorney in person. This is true whether you’re the driver, a passenger, or a property owner. It also applies to pedestrians, bicycle riders, and anybody else involved.
Sometimes, you just need to work out the details. You can get a solid estimate on the damage from a public insurance adjuster. If you have serious injuries, you can also make sure all or most your medical bills will be covered before you signing documents. Sometimes, car accident attorneys need to take a claim further than expected because Insurance companies do not always admit that the another driver is liable for the auto accident that caused your pain and suffering.
Address Negligence in a Car Accident with an Attorney in Miami
Any time there’s a car accident, responding police officers will likely assess blame and issue a traffic citation. Then the police officer can issue a crash report that insurance companies may use in determining who is responsible for the car crash. An attorney in Miami can also use the information gathered immediately after your auto accident to determine what path is best for you under the circumstances.
Sometimes, you run into extenuating factors such as a drunk driver, a driver distracted while texting, and other negligent behavior.  The injuries could also be more severe for pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists. Something as simple as not checking a blind spot could be deadly in motorcycle accidents. Depending on the case, you could be pursuing a wrongful death claim for a loved one. An attorney that focuses on the auto accident should have the experience to look at your situation and see if any of these circumstances apply.
We can also tell you if you don’t need to pursue other parties or when it won’t be worth it. Sometimes, you can get a judgment based on the negligence that caused the accident, but the person you’re suing may not have the financial means to pay, though. An experienced car accident lawyer can help you sort all this out and advise you what parties are potentially liable for your injuries.
Minimize Your Stress with a Car Accident Lawyer in Miami
Even a small accident can be stressful and inconvenient, especially if there are injuries. An auto accident attorney in Miami can’t stop accidents from happening or even reverse the damages. However, an accident attorney can help you deal with the potential fall-outs – we can take care of the details for you while you can focus on feeling better and getting your car back to normal.
Nunez Law focuses on personal injury law with a deep understand of auto accident cases. We’ve handled many cases from routine negotiations to high-value cases. We help you maximize your settlement and get the compensation you deserve in the hope of getting your life back to as close to normal as possible. To work with a legal professional who can handle your case today, click here.