Feb 14, 2024

Lane-Splitting in Florida: Understanding the Legalities for Motorcyclists and Other Two-Wheeled Vehicles

Motorcycles can provide greater flexibility and freedom while on the road, but certain factors put them at greater risk of a collision. One of the more notorious maneuvers that many cyclists face trouble for is lane-splitting – in other words, riding in between lanes already being occupied by other motorists – which is especially serious if lane-splitting results in an accident. 

Motorcycle injury lawyers in Florida can guide you through the legal process if you are involved in a crashed wherein someone was lane splitting. Understanding the rights of motorcyclists is key, so reach out for help if you are unsure where your claim stands; the same is true for other two-wheeled vehicles such as mopeds, e-bikes, motorbikes, dirt bikes, and scooters. 

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Can A Motorcyclist Legally Lane-Split? 

Lane splitting is not legal in Florida, per se, but any lawyer will tell you that fault will depend on the details of your particular crash. While motorcycles are subject to a few different laws compared to motor vehicles and commercial trucks, they are generally not allowed to split a lane with another car or truck already occupying that travel lane. This is due to the safety concerns that come with more than one vehicle being in a limited amount of space. 

Will Lane Splitting Impact My Lawsuit? 

Because lane splitting can have such a huge impact on your lawsuit, it’s vital to take action if you are accused of lane-splitting. Acting now to protect the integrity of your claim can help you fight for the compensation you deserve if you have to file a lawsuit.

Florida’s Comparative Negligence Laws 

While another driver may have caused the accident, they may try to place some of the blame on you if you were lane-splitting when the accident happened. While the other driver’s negligence may have caused the accident, the fact that you were in between traffic lanes can impact the value of your claim. 

Any compensation you receive for your motorcycle accident claim may be reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to you. For example, if you are 30% at-fault for the accident, that means you may only be entitled to 70% of the compensation – and if you are more than half to blame, then your claim will likely be barred due to changes in Florida law that went into effect at the end of March of 2023. Because motorcycle accidents can be serious and leave you with very severe injuries, you may be paying out of pocket for years to come for your recovery. 

Because of this, it is vital to fight back against accusations that you were partially or completely at fault for the accident. Accepting fault can hurt your chances of getting compensated fairly, hence you may need an attorney on your side to get answers and pursue your injury claim.

How Can an Attorney Help Me? 

When you are involved in a Florida motorcycle accident, you may need the tools and guidance an experienced injury lawyer can provide for your accident. Attorneys have extensive experience in personal injury claims and lawsuits, and they may be able to help you overcome the difficulties that arise when there are allegations of lane-splitting.

Your attorney can be a key part of gathering evidence, ensuring your paperwork is up to date, and preparing your statements for the injury claim. They can use their experience to help you determine the best steps forward for your case. 

Just as importantly, your lawyer can represent you in the courtroom if/when you need to file suit. Representing yourself can be a daunting process, and it’s easy to make a mistake that costs you your entire injury claim. Your attorney can guide you through this process and argue for the compensation you are due. 

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Florida for Guidance 

When you are involved in a Florida motorcycle accident, you may be at risk of losing part or all your compensation because someone accused you of lane splitting. Fortunately, you may have grounds to fight back and avoid more serious penalties that can come with these accusations. 

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