Jun 26, 2017

Hurt In a Car Accident? How To Avoid Hurting Your Case.

If you think that insurance companies are eager to pay out claims, this article is going to give you some insight into how that is far from the truth with the way many, if not most, insurance companies handle personal injury claims.  The same holds true for the defense attorneys that insurance companies prefer to pay large amounts of money to instead of paying legitimate claims.
We are going to lay out some of the common mistakes that auto accident victims make (even when they have the best of intentions).  There are books that discuss in details how insurance companies love to delay claims, then deny paying claims, and ultimately defending lawsuits regarding those claims.  Unfortunately, there are many people nowadays that think that people that make personal injury claims are at least exaggerating their injuries by a little bit – no matter what the evidence shows.  An auto accident attorney in Miami can help you through the claim process because Florida law has some wrinkles compared to other states.
Be Careful What You Do Before Calling an Auto Accident Attorney in Miami
When you are in a car crash, you may not be thinking down the road, and are simply focused on what just happened, and the pain that you are experiencing.  If you have loved ones in the car with you, you are probably just as worried ,or even more worried, about them as you are yourself.  Here are some things to consider before calling a personal injury lawyer:

Do not leave the scene without taking photographs of the vehicles and individuals involved.  You should also take photos of any visible injuries or manifestations of internal injuries (like bruising) as many of those go away with time and may not be visible by the time you meet with the doctor(s).  While you are documenting things, feel free to take video to better explain later how and why things happened.
Do not sign anything without carefully reading and fully understanding what you are signing.  This is one of the easiest ways to hurt your case because you could be signing away your rights to make a claim if and when the document contains language like “any and all claims, whether known or not, you may have now or in the future” or payment that includes the phrase “full and final” on it.
Do not wait to see a doctor or miss important medical appointments.  Life nowadays comes at us from many different angles, and smart phones only make society want things faster.  You have to be sure to take time to receive the medical care and physical rehab you need to not only get better, but also to document your injuries.  After all, those medical records and diagnostic exams – e.g.: MRIs, Cat scans, X-rays – are what medical professionals use to help diagnose your injuries.
Do not be shy and/or feel bad communicating with your attorney.  While you are not the only case that your personal injury attorney is handling, a good attorney will make time to meet his clients in person, or schedule phone calls to get status; it is important that you and your attorney are on the same page, especially when the claim process has many moving parts and lasts several months (if not years due to litigation when an insurance company refuses to offer a fair and just settlement).
Do not talk about your case or post anything on social media about your case.  Even if you are “private” that does not mean that people cannot find out what you are posting on social media – technology nowadays continues to get more and more intrusive in our lives.  There is no need to give an insurance company an opportunity to argue that you are not injured simply because you posted a photo of yourself smiling in a family birthday photo.
Do not forget to tell your doctor(s) about any prior injuries.  As humans, it is normal to have suffered even temporary injuries; a broken finger is a good example.  After being involved in an accident, it is a good idea to give your doctor(s) your medical history so that the doctor(s) can best tailor a treatment plan to help you recover as much as possible.  The law in Florida allows you to recover for injuries that are aggravated or exacerbated by another’s negligence.
Do not assume that your claim is just like someone’s you know.  Even if you look at 10 different rear-end car crashes, it is safe to say that all 10 will be different – different insurance companies; different injuries; different policy limits; different recovery time; etc.  Therefore, you should not try to compare your accident case to another because your case is just as unique as you are.

Please be sure to remember that every case has its wrinkles, and that is okay.  Following these steps will help avoid hurting your personal injury claim.  If you’re in a serious car accident in Miami, you probably need an auto accident attorney.  We can help you sort out the details and determine which direction you should move in. Nunez Law has experience in accident cases of all kinds. We even address single car accidents.  Some cases we take are simple and straightforward.  Others are more complicated like DUI victim cases, which usually involve some insight from the local prosecutor.  No matter what your case looks like, we can give you an honest assessment.  If we move forward with your case,  Nunez Law will fight for you.  We help get our clients the maximum settlement for their injuries so long as they follow sound advice.  To see more of what we can offer you, click here.