Jun 15, 2017

When Injured Parties in Miami Need an Auto Accident Attorney

If you’re involved in an accident, it should be simple – too bad insurance companies continue to make personal injury laws more complicated.  In Florida, every automobile owner is required to pay have insurance (or certify being self-insured).  If you’re at fault for a crash, your insurance is supposed to pay up to the policy limits.  If it’s not, you’d still rely on your insurance company in Florida to handle most, if not all, aspects of car crash claims.  If the at-fault policy isn’t enough to cover injuries and you have Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage, that coverage should kick in.
Many cases can be resolved with the help of an attorney.  No matter where you are in the process, personal injury lawyers should be able to help. Sometimes, you need a legal professional to let other parties know you’re serious, which could mean filing a lawsuit.
Prove Negligence in Miami with an Auto Accident Attorney
One of the most important things auto accident lawyers can do for you is proving negligence under Florida law.  It starts with an investigation into who was at fault for your injuries.  Always be sure to obtain proof of the accident, usually by contacting policy, after even a small accident – large insurance companies have acknowledged that even small impacts can lead to serious injuries.  Responding officials can make a detailed record of who was involved in the crash and their insurance information.
Some cases of negligence are obvious. People can use breathalyzers and other tests to determine if drivers were drunk at the time of an accident. Some negligence involves things the average driver wouldn’t even think of.  Police reports aren’t always objective. Was the other driver texting while driving? Did the other not sleep enough the night before?  Are the other driver’s brakes lacking proper maintenance?  They might be things you do every day like applying a little makeup, reading a text message, or even eating in the car.  Something as simple as adjusting your radio while driving could be a type of negligence – failing to pay attention and have due care.  An auto accident attorney can assess all these factors to help you make the right determination moving forward.
Determine the Value of a Case in Miami with an Auto Accident Attorney
Once negligence is proven making it a personal injury case, lawyers have to determine the value.  Is the case worth pursuing?  The other driver might have been completely negligent.  A Miami auto accident attorney can assess factors like the cost of your initial medical bills and any other expenses.  If passengers were injured or killed in the process, they would pursue their own cases separately.  If you suffered serious injuries, lawyers could also include any lost wages and long-term medical costs.  When soft tissue injuries or long-term injury are involved, you might also pursue pain and suffering.  Serious injuries can also affect a patient’s mental health.  This can affect the overall medical costs.  Each case should be evaluated individually. Any personal injury case often has sides the average person wouldn’t see on their own.  Lawyers can investigate and bring in case law to obtain the compensation you deserve on your claim.
Find an Auto Accident Attorney You Can Trust with Your Case
If you’re in a serious car accident in Miami, you probably need an auto accident attorney.  We can help you sort out the details and determine which direction you should move in. Nunez Law has experience in accident cases of all kinds. We even address single car accidents.  Some cases we take are simple and straightforward.  Others are more complicated.  No matter what your case looks like, we can give you an honest assessment.  If we move forward with your case,  Nunez Law will fight for you.  We get our clients the maximum settlement for their money.  To see more of what we can offer you, click here.