How Long Does It Take to Resolve a Slip and Fall Claim?

How long does it take to resolve a slip and fall claim? This is a common question. Watch this video to learn what to expect for your injury case.


How long will a slip and fall claim take?


How Long Does It Take to Resolve a Slip and Fall Claim?One of my most memorable clients was injured in a supermarket slip and fall. One of her biggest concerns was how long the whole process would take. Missing time from work, missing time with her kids, and being unable to enjoy life fully were all impacting her, and she wanted to know how soon she could get the process over with. These are not matters that are resolved overnight. A lot of times, the resolution of a case depends on the extent of the injuries. Doctors are the ones who are going to be able to tell you how long it?s going to take for you to recover, and you want to make sure that you follow the doctor?s instructions.

Off the bat, we will not know how long your case is going to take, but I can tell you this ? the longer it takes for you to recover or better understand the extent of your injuries, the longer it?s going to take for us to be able to fully resolve your case. We need this information in order to get the fair compensation that you deserve for your injuries, and that?s not something we can figure out within the first 10 days or so.

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