How a Wet Floor Sign Affects a Slip and Fall Claim

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Will a Wet Floor sign affect my slip and fall claim?


Whenever I get a phone call from someone that fell at a store or some type of business, one of the questions I always ask them is whether or not there some type of warning. Was there a yellow sign on the floor? Was there a cone? Was there somebody standing nearby advising people to walk around something to avoid this danger? How a Wet Floor Sign Affects a Slip and Fall Claim These things are very important because Florida law has certain things that business owners need to do. Even if there is a warning sign, that doesn?t mean you don?t have a case. It all depends on the circumstances. Sometimes these warning signs weren?t properly placed. Sometimes a reasonable person in those circumstances wouldn?t have known that that warning sign was for the danger that caused you to fall. This is why you need to contact a lawyer that has the experience and know-how to handle these types of claims.

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