How a Wet Floor Sign Affects a Slip and Fall Claim


Will a Wet Floor sign affect my slip and fall claim?


Whenever I get a phone call from someone that fell at a store or some type of business, one of the questions I always ask them is whether or not there some type of warning. Was there a yellow sign on the floor? Was there a cone? Was there somebody standing nearby advising people to walk around something to avoid this danger? These things are very important because Florida law has certain things that business owners need to do. Even if there is a warning sign, that doesn?t mean you don?t have a case. It all depends on the circumstances. Sometimes these warning signs weren?t properly placed. Sometimes a reasonable person in those circumstances wouldn?t have known that that warning sign was for the danger that caused you to fall. This is why you need to contact a lawyer that has the experience and know-how to handle these types of claims.