Fire and Smoke Damage Claims insurance recovery attorney in Miami

Proven Fire & Smoke Damage Attorneys in Miami

If you’ve ever had to call a restoration company for fire and smoke damage, you know how costly it can be. Unfortunately, homeowner’s insurance companies aren’t always ready to cover the costs. Sometimes, you didn’t pay for the coverage. In other cases, they have clauses that release them from liability.

Some smoke and fire damage claims are related to owner or renter negligence. Maybe you left a pot on the stove too long. If this is the case, we can help you review your policy and get any coverage you’ve paid for. Not all incidents are your fault, though.

For example, the 2016 Sand Fire Santa Clarita Wildfire burned over 38,000 square feet in California. The smoke and ash spread over the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, and more. This didn’t just damage walls. As you may know if you’ve ever dealt with fire and smoke damage before, it created toxic air. This continues even after the initial smoke and soot settle.
Lawyers Who Specialize in Fire & Smoke Damage Advocate on Your Behalf

You could be working with any major insurance company from Allstate to Progressive. Lawyers who specialize in fire & smoke damage can help you maximize your settlement and make sure you get everything you’re owed. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of submitting the right paperwork and getting the necessary assessments.

The most important things to assess is the damage to your home. Discoloration and a lingering smell are just two of the signs you may have smoke damage. Even in a major disaster like the Santa Clarita Wildfire, the damage to different homes varies widely. No matter how severely you’re hit, though, companies assess everything. This includes the walls of your home, furniture and carpet, and more. Some may even look at the clothes in your closet to make sure they get the soot and toxic chemicals off everything.

Depending on the incident, lawyers who specialize in fire and smoke damage in Miami sometimes see permanent damage. The chemicals seep into the walls of your home, and just deep cleaning your home isn’t enough. They have to tear out certain parts of your home and rebuild them to make it safe for occupancy again.

Does My Policy Cover Fire & Smoke Damage?

Requirements for home insurance policies vary by the state. Many insurance policies have coverage options for soot and ash, though. At Nunez Law, we handle cases like yours from start to finish. We’ve worked with insurance companies on both large and small incidents. We can help you file the right paperwork and find a company that can get the work done as quickly as possible.

This way, we minimize the inconvenience to you while making payment more automatic. In other words, you don’t have to worry about talking to restoration companies and working out the details with them. The exact details of any claim vary. Attorneys who specialize in fire & smoke damage can help you sort all this out for any home fire in Miami.

How Can Attorneys Who Specialize in Fire & Smoke Damage Help?

Nunez Law is well positioned to help you expedite the process of getting your home cleaned and repaired. No matter how extensive the damage, we can help you find companies in or near Miami to help you with the restoration. Then we work with your insurance company to work out the costs and payment schedule. Ideally, you should have nothing to worry about. Many of the payments go straight from your insurance company to the company that fixes your home.

We manage your claim from start to finish. So we can handle all the small details and make it worry free. Many times, insurance companies that might’ve challenged your claim won’t challenge attorneys.

How Much Will It Cost You to Have Lawyers Who Specialize in Fire & Smoke Damage?

You don’t have to worry about any upfront fees or costs when you hire attorneys who specialize in fire and smoke damage in Miami. Once your claim has been settled, you pay a percentage of the settlement and any associated claims costs. For many claimants, just having the peace of mind is well worth the investment.