Apr 6, 2020

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Have you been injured in an accident that could have been prevented? Was this accident caused by the negligence of another person or entity? You may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries. Our Miami personal injury attorney is here to help guide you through the steps of a successful case. We have the experience needed to get you the results you are looking for. The liable party will be held accountable for their actions that harmed you and turned your life upside down. Contact our office if you need help filing a personal injury claim.
Filing a Personal Injury Claim | Am I Eligible?
You will be able to bring a claim if you can prove that there was something avoidable about your accident. The following are grounds for a personal injury case:

Intentional Conduct
Strict Liability

The most common reason for a personal injury case is negligence. You would have to prove that the liable party either failed to act to protect you or that they did something that directly harmed you by accident. That might include a driver not using a turn signal or a grocery store not cleaning up a spill right away.
Intentional conduct is typically not associated with personal injury, but it is associated with criminal law. If someone had the intent to harm you, then you will be able to file your personal injury case with the grounds of intentional conduct. The types of incidents that would typically require that you file for intentional conduct would include assaults and attacks.
Lastly, when there is strict liability, they may be able to grant you the option to sue for the damages you suffered, regardless of whether or not the liable party wanted to harm you. Florida allows for strict liability for certain cases in which the liable party will always be held accountable.
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Were you seriously injured because of the negligence of another? You deserve to get a compensation award in a full and fair amount. Our Miami personal injury attorney at Nunez Law Firm is dedicated to the victims of personal injuries. You will be in competent and supportive hands when you pick our office to represent your case. We strongly encourage you reach out to us as soon as can to set up a free initial consultation and go over the details of your case.