Differences Between Truck Accident Cases and Car Crash Cases

There are many differences between truck accident cases and car crash cases. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right lawyer to handle your claim.


What are the differences between truck wreck claims and car crash claims?


Differences Between Truck Accident Cases and Car Crash CasesIf you?ve been involved in a truck crash, you?re probably wondering if you should speak to the insurance company for the truck. They may have already contacted you, and they?re going to want a bunch of information from you. They?re not going to want to give you a lot of information, but they?re going to want a lot of information from you. Don?t give them a statement until you speak to a lawyer. They might want just an informal statement that isn?t recorded, but you should still wait. Talk to a lawyer. They might want a recorded statement or to come look at you or have you go see one of their doctors. Talk to a lawyer first.

This is not a typical car crash case. Trucking accidents are very different, and you want to make sure that they don?t have an opportunity to try to spin your words or use them against you. If you have any questions about a truck accident case, give us a call. We?re located in Miami. We handle cases throughout Florida. We?d love to hear from you.

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