Mar 24, 2023

Common Car Accident Contributors with an Attorney in Miami

We’ve been looking for ways to reduce or stop accidents for years – forward collision warnings are a good example, while lane drifting warning is another.  We have regular awareness campaigns and even a move towards informing the public about how distracted driving is as dangerous as DUI.  With teen, elderly, and many other drivers on the road, every driver should practice defensive driving.  It’s not always as simple to show who is responsible for an accident, so you always have to account for others’ mistakes. Sometimes, you have to be prepared to take accidents to court because of the negligence involved.  Other drivers have a responsibility to keep themselves and others on the road safe.  Car and other manufacturers also have the responsibility to build safe products. Despite all the attempts to make driving safer, accidents continue to rise.  It’s not just high-risk groups like teens and the elderly causing them.  Drivers with more experience free of the challenges that come with age can also make mistakes and act irresponsibly.  Some things are likely excused.  For example, if you have a sudden and unforeseeable medical emergency that stops you from driving safely, you might not be responsible for your accident.  What constitutes negligence after an accident?

Things a Car Accident Attorney in Miami Can Use to Pursue Claims

Car accidents aren’t always as simple as we’d like to think. Sometimes, the full picture isn’t always clear immediately after the accident.  When you’re in an accident with a professional vehicle like a truck or bus, the professional driver might face more scrutiny and have a higher standard of care.  Cops and insurance companies look at many factors after an accident.  A few of the most common ones include:

  • Right of Way Violations:  Whether you’re at a four-way stop or a traffic light, you should always be cautious.  Check both ways before proceeding even if you have the right of way.  Sometimes, you can’t see other drivers coming when they run a red light.  If this happens, they could be negligent in causing injuries and auto damage.  However, it can be difficult in proving that the other vehicle ran the stop sign or ignored the red light.
  • Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol:  A car accident attorney in Miami can address the many issues associated with driving under the influence.  Whether it’s drugs or alcohol, you could face a serious risk of injuring others.  Many other factors are involved in accidents involving drugs and alcohol.  A car accident attorney can look at all these factors.
  • Driving Drowsy:  Drowsy driving is often riskier when big trucks are involved.  Drowsy driving is one of the most common contributors because people have good intentions.  They think they can get home faster, or they don’t have that far to drive.  Unfortunately, drowsy driving can be just as impactful as drunk driving.
  • Texting or Eating while Driving:  Texting and eating while driving are common distractions that can come up.  You might want to eat just one bite.  Parts of the food can fall on your shirt or pants.  Texting takes your eyes off the road.  Even if it’s just for a second, it can be disastrous considering the rate of speed we travel and so the distance covered in that one second is often underappreciated.
  • Reckless Driving in Bad Weather:  Bad weather can contribute to auto accidents.  They aren’t the sole cause.  Bad tires, speeding, and other unsafe things can contribute to accidents.  It’s not always something that comes up in the moment.  Sometimes, it’s associated with negligence in auto maintenance and other mistakes that happen before you get on the road.
  • Night Vision:  Not all drivers are aware of their disabilities.  Night vision issues are more common as you age.  If you’re aware of problems with your night vision, you should always avoid night driving.  You can easily miss small things other drivers would pick up on causing accidents when the sun goes down.

Stay on Top of Your Case with a Car Accident Attorney in Miami

When you’re driving, you should always have your focus on the road.  Plan ahead, and avoid texting while driving and other common distractions.  Truck drivers receive extra training to stay safe on the road.  You don’t need the extra training to follow the laws in standard sized cars and trucks. If you’re a victim of someone else’s negligent driving practices, always come to a car accident attorney in Miami.  We can help you sort out the details and find answers.  This starts with making sure you get a fair shake.  If insurance companies are offering you a settlement, we can help you make sure you’re getting a fair settlement.  If you’re dealing with another driver or you see other extenuating factors, lawyers can help you build your case.  One of the major factors is determining if there was negligence and whose it was.  Sometimes, it’s split between multiple parties.  Depending on the state, this could impact your case and how much you’re eligible for.  Whatever the circumstances, bring your case to the professionals at Nunez Law.  For more information on your options, click here.