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Can a Slip and Fall Attorney in Miami Pursue Property Owners for Tenant Injuries?

Many tenants have been in the wrong situation with a property owner.  Maybe they accidentally broke something, or something else went wrong on their end.  What happens when it goes the other way?  Sometimes, tenants of both residential and office buildings can get hurt in a slip and fall.  If it can be traced back […]

Settle Your Case in Miami with a Slip & Fall Lawyer

After a slip and fall, it can be difficult for the average person to know how to present a claim let alone when to settle.  Insurance companies might offer you a settlement early on and hope you are not willing to see it through.  They aren’t always fair with claimants, though.  The first offer could be […]

Trampoline Liability with an Accident Lawyer in Miami

Trampolines are one of the riskiest activities for people of all ages. You’re bouncing, sometimes ten or fifteen feet in the air depending on the trampoline.  You’re also surrounded by hard objects and spaces such as decks, sidewalks, and even the grass can be hard enough to cause injuries if you fall and land awkwardly.  The […]

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