If you have recently been in an car crash in the Miami area, you may need the help of a lawyer. A car  accident attorney can help you deal with the aftershock of your incident as well as help you deal with insurance companies. Your attorney can help you receive compensation for the following:

  • Car Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Uber Accidents
  • Lyft Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Truck Accidents

There are different situations that can warrant a phone call to an auto accident law firm in the Miami area such as the following:

  • Help Getting Insurance Benefits
  • Dealing with At-Fault Driver’s Insurance
  • Drunk Driver Victim Info
  • Truck Accident Details

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Did you get denied benefits from an insurance company?

Many car insurance companies will work their hardest to delay payment or avoid paying you any money as the result of accident. Even if your coverage states that you should receive money, the insurance company will make it difficult for you to receive benefits. If you find yourself in this situation, you will want to hire an experienced auto accident law firm in the Miami area with the right approach to handling your specific incident.

Your attorney will directly deal with the insurance company so that you don’t have too. This will eliminate the time you waste on the phone and the stress that goes along with contacting their customer service trying to get the money and compensation that you deserve. The insurance company will take an attorney demanding answers more seriously which can get you results quickly.

Was your accident in Miami the result of a negligent or drunk driver?
The word negligent means to injure someone in way that could have been avoided. This could mean the following:

  • Running into you at an intersection when you have the right of way
  • Rear end you while you are slowing for a stop
  • Rear end you on the highway
  • Run into you while you are a pedestrian

Your auto accident attorney will be able to help you file the claim documents needed to get you fair compensation for your injuries. Maybe you have a need for a car accident lawyer throughout South Florida as well?

Driving drunk and getting into an accident is also considered to be negligent. The accident could have been avoided by not drinking and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. If your auto accident was a result of a drunk driver, you will want a law firm with experience to handle your case. Trying to handle the claims and paperwork on your own can be tedious and overwhelming, especially right after an accident.

Get a lawyer who can help get you the compensation your deserve after a truck wreck
Hiring an auto accident attorney can help you deal with insurance companies in many cases. But if your accident involved a truck, you will need to deal with a trucking company as well. Your attorney will be able to get into contact with these companies and make them face their negligent behavior. A majority of trucking accidents can lead to severe injuries and even fatalities, so having a skilled attorney on your side is necessary.

While there is no guarantee that you will win your case, you will find that it is far more likely to come out ahead by hiring an experienced car accident attorney in Miami.

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According to the Mayo Clinic, auto accidents cause 40 % of spinal injuries on an annual basis.  In our experience, back and neck injuries from a car crash are serious and life-altering.  A quick search on the internet will show you that the most common injuries from a car crash are whiplash, brain injury, fractures, and herniated discs.  Here is a brief explanation:


Whiplash – common in rear-end crashes – has four phases that lead to injuries.

1st Phase: Your mid-back gets flat against your seat, and force (sometimes referred to as inertia) travels up your spinal column and compresses your discs/joints in such a manner that your torso accelerates straight (forward) while your head is going in the opposite direction (backwards).

2nd Phase: Your torso goes as forward as it can while your head is going in the opposite direction, which is starts the whiplash injury to your discs/joints.

3rd Phase: Your torso starts going backwards into your seat as your head/neck are going forward.  If that wasn’t enough, your car slows down (possibly due to braking) and further increases the rate of your neck moving forward (straight).

4th Phase: Here, you start the complete whip of the neck/head when your torso stops – usually because of your seat belt (or because you collide into your cabin), all while your head/neck continue to go straight (forward).  This is where the most of the damage to your neck/head is caused, which often leads to life-altering pain and suffering, and the need for significant medical treatment.

Herniated Discs (Spinal Column)

Your spine consists of a soft, jelly-like center that have a not-so-off covering, but the soft, jelly-like center can push out and through the exterior – this will cause your affected area(s) to become irritated, most likely suffering from pain. This condition is commonly referred to as a herniated disc, and depending on the crash, could be affecting your neck and/or lower back.  When clients complain of the following, it is important that they seek medical attention as soon as possible: pain going down your arm(s) and/or leg(s), tingling and/or numbness, as well as feeling weakness in your arm(s) and/or leg(s) – depending on your injuries.

These are common results from car accidents, and our law office is experienced and capable of handling your insurance claim so that you can recover the compensation you deserve for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses, and the inconvenience associated with dealing with process.  Feel free to call us now for a free consultation – we serve all of South Florida, which includes Miami-Dade, Broward, the Florida Keys, and the Palm Beaches.