Car Accident Insurance Investigation


Should I talk to the insurance company after a car accident?


Sometimes I?ll speak to a client the first time and ask them what happened. They tell me, ?Oh, I was in a car crash. I?m hurt. I went to the doctor. I tried to get a hold of the other person?s insurance company so they can come look at my car, and I gave them a statement.? I immediately stop them and ask, ?Was it a recorded statement?? Every client should know? you don?t have to give them a recorded statement. They might try to pressure you into it, and they might try to twist your words. You are better off not doing it. You do not have to give them a recorded statement.

If you have to give a recorded statement, talk to a lawyer before you do. You do not want to allow them to twist your words. These insurance companies are not there for your benefit. They only want to collect premiums, and they do not want to pay out claims. They may use your words against you to do this. If you feel pressured into giving a recorded statement, stop for a moment and tell them you?re going to speak to an attorney.

Most, if not all, attorneys that handle personal injury cases give a free consultation, including our firm. It doesn?t cost you anything to give us a call. We?re located in Miami, but handle cases throughout Florida. We are experienced in personal injury, and we can help you with this recorded statement request. Before you do something that you might later regret, we?d love to hear from you.