Jan 16, 2017

Call a Car Accident Attorney in Miami about Shoulder Injuries

Auto accidents come with a host of injuries.  When motorcycles and scooters are involved, these injuries only multiply.  At Nunez Law, we see countless auto accidents leading to everything under the sun.  Inside a car, your body can get jolted around.  If you’re holding onto something, you might tighten your grip to try to stabilize yourself, especially if you have an opportunity to see that you are about to be crashed into.  In the process, your shoulder could easily be jerked leading to pain and injury, that can result in needing surgery.
Any time you get behind the wheel, you should have your own insurance policy.  Some buy full coverage for medical bills, rental coverage, collision coverage, Uninsured Motorist coverage, Bodily Injury coverage, and comprehensive coverage.  Others only buy the state required insurance to cover the other party’s property damage if they’re at fault.  Florida is a “No-Fault” state, so your insurance company is obligated to offer you medical expense coverage for yourself and property damage coverage for the other’s property – that is it, which leads to a lot of misconceptions.  If there is an insurance dispute, a car accident attorney in Miami may be able to help with coverage for the claim.
Sometimes, when the case is reassessed, insurance companies will return a better settlement offer.  In other car accidents, an auto accident lawyer may have to work harder to get the compensation you deserve.  It takes negotiation skills, and Nunez Law handles these cases every day.

A Car Accident Lawyer in Miami Can Help When Your Policy Isn’t Enough

Depending on what kind of policy you have, your insurance company doesn’t always cover your injuries.  You’re required by state law to carry coverage when you cause an accident to fix another’s property.  Part of your policy will cover the other party’s damage when applicable.  What happens when your auto policy isn’t enough?  Maybe you didn’t buy full coverage, or you chose a small amount that is not enough to cover your accident that was much more severe than you could have anticipated.  Your shoulder injuries are just one part, and they could require long-term treatment and even surgery.
An auto accident lawyer in Miami would have to compare the two insurance policies.  The question would be if their insurance policy covers more than yours.  If they were at fault and their insurance policy covered more, you could get more (depending on the policy limits).  So if you had $100,000 of Uninsured Motorist coverage and they had $200,000, the at fault insurance company would first take care of their part, and if your case is worth more, your insurance company would kick in – assuming you purchased the right coverage on your auto insurance policy.
What if they didn’t have insurance or the injuries were caused by extreme negligence?  What if the car was stolen, and the owner wasn’t in the car at the time?  A car accident lawyer can explore the circumstances in the individual accident and help you understand how the law in Florida works.  Some victims might want to seek pain and suffering on top of compensation for their shoulder injuries.  Drunk driving is one of the most common incidences we associate with extreme negligence and can lead to the at fault party having to pay punitive damages for their reckless behavior.
Whether you’re in Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, or Brickell, drivers are constantly negligent in the way they drive.  Something like speeding or running a red light can determine fault.  Texting while driving could be just one of many things considered negligence – it all depends on the individual case.

See a Doctor Whenever You Notice Injuries

Many people wait too long to see a doctor thinking that the pain will go away, or taking an over-the-counter pain reliever will solve it.  But it is important to seek medical care as soon as possible since your health is the most important thing (and you need to document your injuries as soon as possible).  Sometimes people are afraid to make an insurance claim since they didn’t report it immediately after the accident.  Even if you didn’t report any injuries immediately, see a doctor early as your adrenaline may be running high causing your pain to not be noticed for a few days after the accident.  Many injuries including shoulder injuries don’t show up for days after your accident especially when there is swelling in the area, and MRIs also take a while so confirmation of those injuries are not immediate on many occasions.
Your body has more adrenaline and other chemicals running through it.  An auto accident causes a lot of stress, and it’s easy to overlook problems.  Once your hormones settle, doctors can treat and document your pain.  You can bring these medical records to an auto accident lawyer and determine the potential damages that you deserve.
Even if it seems like soreness or body aching, see a medical professional because that pain is your body’s way of trying to tell you something is not right.  These are often the early signs of serious problems.  The earlier you address it, the less pain you may go through in the long run.  If left untreated, some shoulder pain can become a chronic problem that will require treatment for years to come.  An auto accident attorney can work with you to sort out the differences and review medical records.  Keep in mind, some injuries don’t show up for weeks or even months after the accident, especially when swelling makes it difficult to obtain readable diagnostic exams.

Find the Right Car Accident Attorney after an Accident in Miami – Attorneys Are Not All Created Equal

Any significant or lingering pain in the shoulder or elsewhere should be investigated.  If you were involved in a car accident, call a lawyer in Miami to discuss your options.  If you haven’t already scheduled an appointment, we kindly remind you that Google has doctors in your area at your fingertips.  Most insurance companies settle before you go to trial – patience is definitely a virtue.
Nunez Law can stay with you and take your case to court.  We can pursue your case and make sure you get what you deserve.  To discuss your case with an auto accident attorney in the Brickell area, click here.