Jun 12, 2023

Business Interruption Claims Lawyers Miami Nuñez Law

Proving a Business Interruption Claim

When your business suffers serious property damage, the repair bills aren’t your only loss. You also run into problems with finding a place to rent or reorganizing your setup. You may have to wait for equipment to be shipped in.

With all this, you can run into business interruptions. You may not be able to run all parts of the office for a few days or a few weeks. Many companies close their doors within just months after a significant disaster. When you file a business interruption claim, you can compensate for lost funds that go beyond the equipment and furniture. You can also seek compensation for the rent you pay somewhere else in the meantime.

Prove Your Claim with Attorneys Who Specialize in Business Interruption

To receive business interruption benefits, you have to prove your case. You can find attorneys in Miami who specialize in business interruption to work out the details. You have to decide how much you want to pay for long before the incident. When you file, you establish damages that fit within the policy you’ve paid for. This could include the estimated cost of lost productivity. The trick is providing evidence to prove it.

What should you document for a business interruption claim? One of the most basic things to document is anything that proves the property was covered under the policy in the first place. Second, you need to establish the event was covered. This means you were up-to-date on your dues and you chose a claim that covered water, fire, or whatever else caused the damage.

The next thing to prove is that the incident caused a disruption in business. This may seem obvious if you’re in the middle of a major crisis. Some smaller claims don’t disrupt business, though. When they do, the disruption is so small that it doesn’t make any significant impact. This is where it gets tricky, and many companies call attorneys who specialize in insurance disputes.

Finally, you have to prove the loss didn’t come from some other source. For example, if you had a fire, any business lost due to a Yelp review that went viral wouldn’t be covered. It’s natural to want to include any lost business under the policy. If your insurance company can prove otherwise, though, it could hurt your case.

Attorneys Who Specialize in Business Interruptions Calculate Your Loss

Getting your insurance company to accept the claim is just the first step. We also prepare by calculating the amount you’re owed. We have to take into account your policy restrictions. We also measure costs that aren’t always obvious. The key is to work with a lawyer in Miami who specializes in business interruption claims. We use our years of experience to make sure everything is included and documented.

We run economic assessments to determine how much your business would be bringing in if the disaster never happened. Then we measure how long it will take you to get back to your normal business levels. Your insurance company then pays up to the agreed upon limits.

Everything can be organized by lawyers who specialize in insurance disputes. In these situations, many insurance companies close your case quickly with the maximum payout. What if they don’t want to pay you the full amount, though?

Handle Any Disputes with Lawyers Who Specialize in Business Interruption

When your business runs into a major disaster, it’s not just your facilities or computers that are damaged. Any interruptions in business could threaten your livelihood. For many small businesses, even one major interruption could be too much. Once they fall, they don’t have the resources to rebuild.

With the top lawyers from Nunez Law in Miami, you can put your focus into maintaining and rebuilding your business. We’ll take care of every part of your claim to relieve any associated stress. We make sure all the proper paperwork is submitted. Then we follow up throughout the process to make sure you get paid as soon as possible. If your insurance company denies the claim or there are other problems, we handle it without you lifting a finger. Just give us a call today and set up a consultation to discuss your claim.